🎶 "Oh-oh I'm a duckling
I'm a little duckling
I'm a duckling in New York" 🎵

I write music because I need to -- my music is never meant as a "product". It is the result of my necessity to "tell" something. I suppose this one is quintessential so. It is a music that reflects my state of mind, my uncertainties, my concerns.

It's called "みのれ".

Sort of a theme with variations, for piano.

It is available on :


Some years ago I sent Toyota an e-mail and proposed to them an approach to monitor driver awareness.

They did not even reply to me.

"Ostinato" is a piece for piano, electric guitar, bass, and percussions.

"Ostinato" is from my album "Ley Lines", on Bandcamp: eidon.bandcamp.com/album/ley-l

Available on Bandcamp at eidon.bandcamp.com/track/ostin

Check out my music on (eidon.bandcamp.com), Vi.be (vi.be/platform/eidon), ReverbNation (reverbnation.com/eidon3)

Pictures: Forest of Halle Belgium. Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA)


Written by Eidon
(c) Eidon@tutanota.com. All rights reserved

She's a Medior
Software Engineer

And she's coding like she's never coded before

"Illyeen" is an original spelling for "عِلِّيِّين", which is a Quranic name for girls (see other spellings and more info at quranicnames.com/illiyeen/)

"Illyeen" is also my latest . If you like, you can download it from my :


Oh, yes, "Illyeen" is also an anagram of "Ley Line".

And "Ley Lines" is my latest album:

Why do I read manga, why do I watch anime?

Because you cannot find it anywhere else.

It's the Spirit of the Ganbatté.

Ever watched a movie of the Italian actor Antonio De Curtis, known as Totò?

I've watched perhaps 80 of his movies. Very, very funny.

I guess it would be difficult for a person who doesn't speak Italian...

Now, I'm not into cars and am a bad driver
And yet this manga truly made me cry when the MR2 came back to life
Story telling is magic!

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