This is "Downtune Ed", a piece for guitar harmonics, rhythmic guitar, piano, and percussions.

My guitar's low E string is downtuned to E flat here.

The track is available on :

and on youtube:

If you like this music, please follow me on Bandcamp:

Boosts are greatly appreciated :ablobspin: !

Fractal Mold (8 and 9 October, 2021)

I waste my time at the bus station

I blow my time in a train

And then here I'm with in a packed pod

Once again and again with in a box

Sitting like cogs, right, mechanical cogs that

need to be placed with in a grinder to

produce yet another heavy duty and grander mechanical prison for others who need

to produce what needs to be
made & packed & sold & mold for ever

a-gain in a fractal mold.

Reminds me of 's ""

if I remember correctly, Sal Paradiso and Carlo Marx were doing what I'd call "truth exercises"

Although I think they were not covering their eyes

At least, not with a cloth 😆

This is also part of my tracks about "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner". It's called "The Albatross".

It's been recorded by me on a piano -- quality is not very good, sorry...

The fff you hear by the end of the track corresponds to the arrow hitting the albatross.

The picture is the famous illustration by Gustave Doré

The music also available here:

"E allora, io quasi quasi prendo il treno..." (Paolo Conte, "Azzurro")

I don't really know much about the "Japanese Spirit" --

it would be foolish of me to believe that I acquired some understanding regarding such a complex element --

though I have the feeling that a character like Soichiro-sensei in "Fate / Stay Night" captures that same complexity

"Good" and "Bad" are concepts that cannot be applied to a Japanese behavior the same way the are applied, e.g., in Europe

Perhaps "Right" and "Wrong" are the concepts a Japanese would focus their attention on?

"Glede-eyed Ducks of Rotselaar", and the sequel, "The Lair of Lightnings".

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