From Mac Kamita • Mt. Fuji area, Japan 🇯🇵🌸🍁🗻🍙🍱🚴‍♀️⛰⛩

"There is a nice cameraman’s photo here. He took a picture of moon and Mt. Fuji. We call it pearl Fuji. As for Diamond Fuji is timing this shot have twice a year and only few days in October and February. I hope everyone enjoy it and I want you to know about it.


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It is with great pleasure that I share here the latest song of Mathemorphosis:


I feel indebted with @guresuke -san, who gave me the opportunity to sing and write the lyrics for this song he wrote. It is an important song to me, the best so far to me.

I hope you will like it as much as I do ^_^


- Guresuke-san: Music composition and orchestration
- Eidon: Lyrics and voices

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece called "Per Tiziana". I was quite happy with result, but now I'm happier. Why? Because Wim took the piece and made a great new orchestration of it! If you want to read the whole story, have a look at our twin post, either



And if you're curious about the beautiful picture... have a look here ^_^

Makise Kurisu -- she's a scientist.
Here she says "If I see a possibility, I have to investigate it".
It's the same in music, actually.
If you are visited by a theme, you have to "investigate" it


She says "kore ga -- hajimete mimashita"

So I've been able to grasp that what she actually says is "it's the first time I see one!"

Give me another 10-15 years and I will be able to actually understand simple Japanese!

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