Fractal Mold (8 and 9 October, 2021)

I waste my time at the bus station

I blow my time in a train

And then here I'm with in a packed pod

Once again and again with in a box

Sitting like cogs, right, mechanical cogs that

need to be placed with in a grinder to

produce yet another heavy duty and grander mechanical prison for others who need

to produce what needs to be
made & packed & sold & mold for ever

a-gain in a fractal mold.

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@wim_v12e Hello Wim, thanks for your message! It's going quite nicely, though... differently. I'm spending much time with my guitar and my band, and not much composing. The band and I had a gig yesterday (free podium) and we had a great time. Nice people to spend your time with. I sang, played flute, and guitar (not at the same time though XD)

And how are things going there? I hope you're doing good!

@Eidon Eidon doing an Ian Anderson 😃 ! I didn't know you play flute (or maybe I forgot?)
Good to hear you are enjoying playing with the band.

I'm doing fine, still working from home and nothing special happening, I rather like it.
I went for a walk but my camera is away for repair so no pics; my Linux laptop is also away for repair, hopefully back next week.

I played "Per Tiziana" at the start of one of my online lectures and I got some nice and interested reactions from my students.

@wim_v12e Glad to hear your doing fine! Oh wow, you played "Per Tiziana", this is great ^_^ an even more hearing of the positive reactions, yay!
...I hope your camera and laptop may be back to their home soon...
Yeah, I play a little the flute -- but I'm light years away from Ian Anderson of course ^_^' Just to give you an idea, the attached file is the opening of the gig: 'Natural Mystic' by Marley. I play flute and sing!

Sounds really good to me! I like the way you sing on this too.

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