And then Mr. Lewis
"Isn't it time that he was out on his own?"

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At this very moment I'm trying to sing "The Chamber of 32 Doors".
My gawd this man has the best voice there is


i loved that anecdote from when Genesis was just getting started. Peter Gabriel didn't really know how to drive, and he drove their van everywhere in second gear. Consequently they spent a lot of time parked by the side of the road, waiting for the repair guy to get there, while Peter Gabriel practiced the flute.

Yeah I heard that one ^_^

Pity he gradually played the flute less and less...

The true story is he left Genesis 'cause Tony wanted to play all keyboards, and Pete could not play the piano ^_^

...I wonder if he drives a car now...


i'd heard he left Genesis - and Steve Hackett shortly after - because everyone in the band was a songwriter, and it was becoming increasingly difficult for one person to get their songs included on the albums.

Right... For instance, after "SEbtP", Mike proposed to create a concept album about Le Pétit Prince. Luckily Pete's idea won ^_^

FYI, this is the song I covered from that album

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