Is there anybody on the Fediverse who does animations / games and would be interested in using my music for it?

Please find a sample here:

I will , that's what I will do!

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@Eidon what kind of restrictions/licenses are you attaching to your music?

@kura I'm keeping all rights reserved, though I will ask no compensation and just that my name and sites are mentioned when collaborating to a new work.

@Eidon @kura you do know that without license a proffessional game/animation-person could not use you're music because it will (hopefully) be too wide spread to take the risk? at least state in advance, that you will give an individual license to them that they can put in some file.

@tea @kura
Thank you very much for reaching out and explaining me this --
I have absolutely no experience with licensing --
If I may ask again for your help, what type of individual license would you suggest me to use? Should I just mention that "When a music track is selected for use in user work 'X', the user shall receive an individual license providing them with the right of use the music in 'X'"?

Many thanks!

@Eidon @kura whoa i did not expect such an answer ​:blobcat:​ thank you for letting me explain (roghly)! i can not give you proffessional advice on licensing, as that could be counted as legal services. but i would recommend you take a look an the creative commons licensing database. or if it should be more of a technical license, is a good first go.
what you will need, or well, what youre target group would probably need is something
* written (digital and not personalized is fine in most cases)
* statement that either [customer name] or "whoever obtains this license" is allowed to use your work
* for commercial use (you can leave out this option if providing a license "to all" and then put this option in for individual requests)
* and probably with the possibility to change, modify, alter,... the music, if youre okay with this (might come in handy if using sequences of different songs in a row). you can give this option more thought on what would be ok for you and under what conditions
* stating name is no problem with any licensing area i know of, that does not provide a problem at all as far as i know, but you might want to ensure, that people really do state your name.

whatever you do, please do not write a license yourself, but use premade licenses offered by vreative commons, fsf, mit etc. as licenses are contracts (and, except for public-domain-equivalents) rather complex ones. it also needs to consider different handlings of licensing around the world, thats why it is best to use a premade, legally checked, license.

and yes, youre idea with the statement would work i guess (did not check thoroghly though), and for giving out a license after somebody reached out, my comment (the senteces above) could be useful. i would include, that the given out license will not contain any financial charge, since otherwise some people might not consider using it. that is, if you don want to give it out for free of course, you can set the rules to your liking!

@tea @kura
Thank you very much, I appreciate so very much your help! I will study the licenses and think about what I want to allow to be made with my music. 🙇

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