I believe it's about the spirit of participacion, provoked by the need of belonging, typical of Charlie's character. 🙂

@NicholasLaney @Eidon
I agree with you about the need of belonging, but I also found this:
US, figurative, infantile, slang (penis)

@la_r_go @NicholasLaney

I apologize, but I still don't understand

and I don't think penises would fit, in a strip such as The Peanuts of the early Fifties [pun intended]

@Eidon @NicholasLaney
I think you are right, I agree. Nicholas has interpreted well the spirit of the time. Thak you for the beautiful stripes

@la_r_go @NicholasLaney
Thank *you*, for taking the time to provide me with your reading of that strip!

@NicholasLaney Many thanks, Nicholas, I appreciate your kind reaching out to help me understand.
I see your point; the spirit of participation. Charlie does not want to take part into that event...

No, sorry, I still don't understand ^_^'

My apologies.

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