A scam played by the advertisers to the readers but also to the 2 people who had brought yubizawa to the US:

"Nelson "Mitch" Fleming and his wife Yoshie Imanami would have preferred the Yubiwaza ads never have appeared. After studying Sosuishi-Ryu jiu-jitsu in Japan, Mr. Fleming and Ms. Inamani returned to America to open a school in New Jersey. (1/2)


"Convinced by a publisher to write a book on Yubiwaza (jiu jitsu finger techniques) what Mr. Fleming thought would be a 100 page book turned into a 14 page pamphlet, sold through the proposterous ads below."
Fleming had no input on the ads, incidentally. He enjoyed a long career as a martial arts instructor until he passed away in 1987. Ms. Fleming, as her son indicated to me in an e-mail, is "still alive, still very tiny."

From mrdankelly.com/martialads.html


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@Eidon "I guarantee you can protect yourself, or your money back" surely only covers the 99c for the pamphlet, not however much you got mugged for when you discover that you are not a jiu jitsu master.

@Eidon these toots reminded me of this video about fake martial arts, which I highly recommend to anyone


I'm not sure if the pamphlet is mentioned in the video, because I saw it a long time ago, but there's something similar

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