@Eidon this is very cool. I haven't watched the Captain Harlock anime, but this reminds me a lot of the images of the manga. The space landscapes (spacespaces?) were one of the things I liked the most

Oh you did read the manga!? That's great. I will do so too. Re: the anime, I strongly suggest you to watch it -- it is truly unique. I am referring now to the 1978 anime and then to this marvelous one shot!

Re: spacescapes -- thanks for telling me of this! An extra reason for me to dive into the manga ASAP.

Are you familiar with Jack Kirby's works of the '60s? He used double-page spacescapes that were different, though very interesting too!

@Eidon I'm really sorry, I forgot to reply the other day!

Yep, I read the manga... although I wouldn't recommend it to you😅 I found it very "seasawing", some parts were very good (either epic or funny) some others pretty boring... moreover, it's not complete. I've heard about recent remakes -one Japanese and one by a French author- that should be good, but I haven't read them.

Anyway, one of the things I liked more of the mangas were the drawings of the space, with planets, stars and spaceships in it.

About Kirby, I haven't read anything from him but I've seen some images and yeah, I agree his spacescapes were cool too

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