Hello @wim_v12e, thank you very much for your boost! How are you doing? Here it's back to full teleworking regime, so I don't need to commute anymore. It makes quite a difference ^_^
I wish you an excellent evening!

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@Eidon Hi Eidon, I'm fine. I walked 12 km in the rain to a Chinese shop to stock up on ingredients; but it was a nice walk
I have only listened very cursorily to your new track, will listen more in depth later.

Do you like teleworking?

@wim_v12e Oh 12km in the rain, ouch! That's quite the distance, especially on the way back, loaded with the goods ^_^'

Thanks for listening! This is a strange track, I must say; I'm not very much convinced I had to toot it out. I'll be glad to hear you opinion!

Oh yes teleworking is good to me. Commuting takes me a lot of time. Though the worse of it all is taking the bus. It is truly scaring -- they are tremendously crowded...

@Eidon Buses are very bad for spreading infections: crowded, not enough ventilation, and you can't avoid touching surfaces if you have to stand. I'm glad you don't have to take it now, I hope they let you work from home for the foreseeable future.
I have been working from home since March and will most likely be working from home until next summer, and probably even after that.

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