@guresuke I started with duolingo == a veritable disaster. But then @wim_v12e kindly suggested to me memrise. That is truly oriented towards learning languages. I restarted from zero with memrise and now I'm trying to learn, little by very little...

@Eidon Ah sorry, I meant why such a joke is first one for you, what was its opportunity.


@guresuke @wim_v12e
ah, sorry
I have been reading the manga ヒナまつり. The main protagonist, ヒナ, is crazy for イクラ. But イクラ is very expensive. One day they let her taste two cups -- one with the cheapest イクラ and one with a very expensive イクラ. And she cannot tell the difference ^_^'
This led me to the expression "いくらですか?" !

@Eidon Oh, you seem to have naturally arrived to the expression which is a joke :blobcatthumbsup:

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