These days I find myself quite "dry" musically speaking. That urge I felt the last few weeks to construct music pieces, it is not so strong these days.

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@Eidon Flow of inspiration is not continuous. It's probably Poisson distributed 🙂

@wim_v12e Ahah 😃 Is it also the same with you, Wim? Do you have moments in which you *absolutely need* to paint (for instance), and others when you don't feel attracted by the idea?

@Eidon Well, *absolutely* is a strong word, but there are times when I want to realise certain projects, be they drawing, or writing blog posts, or orchestrating your music 🙂 and other times when I'd rather do something else like reading or walking.

@wim_v12e Right! ^_^ Reading and walking are truly great things -- like "refueling" one's mind and eyes and body, in a sense...
(I really need to go for a walk btw ^_^')

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