My review of "Aono-kun ni Sawaritai kara Shinitai"

"[…] Another aspect that I find amazing is that the elements of the story match perfectly with what I have been reading in "serious" books about Japan's history and philosophy.In particular,the concept of the "impure" that is used in the manga is historically faithful;personally I find this great,as it makes it even easier for the reader to "surrender themselves to the story"&embrace a voluntary suspension of disbelief"

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@wim_v12e Oh I'm sorry of such an inconvenience -- it could be that the service require registration before granting access to the reviews ^_^'

The missing part was this one:

"This is one of those stories that capture you completely. It starts like a simple story, and then the climax grows and grows. I read 25 chapters in two days -- I could not stop. The only bad thing about it is that it's ongoing, and now that I read all the available chapters I feel like I'm in withdrawal.



Amazing story, living characters. The mangaka is creating a masterwork. My hope is that she will treat her characters well to the very end."

After this, there's the "Another aspect... " part ^_^ So nothing so special, sorry ^_^'

Though thank you so very much for your interest! 🙇


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