@Eidon That is assuming your god would be a good god, isn't it? If it was the Gnostic god, it would make no difference.

@Eidon This is why the gnostic heresy (as the church calls it) has always appealed to me: it seems at least a better fit to the observations.

@wim_v12e I see, interesting! Perhaps for a similar reason, I came to "respect" the idea of the shinto gods -- gods that have their own agendas ^_^ Less preposterous!

@Eidon Indeed, in that sense similar to the Greek gods yet otherwise very different.

I came across a description of Vodou in a novel and it struck me that it was in a way similar to the idea of the gnostics: the "Gran Met" is the creator and he might be just and good but it does not matter as he does not concern himself with what happens in the material world.

@Eidon According to the gnostics, looking after the material world is left to the demiurge; in Vodou there is a whole pantheon of spirits that one can call on to get things done.
And in both religions, there is definitely evil in the material world.

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