It is truly a privilege to me to be part of , Guresuke-san's new Project --

and to have participated to the creation of his new song, Bygone Days!

Here it is!


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@Eidon @Guresuke @guresuke What a complex, sophisticated song! And personally I very much like Eidon's voice combined with this style of music, rather than the more typical metal voice.
I really marvel at what you achieve together!

@wim_v12e @Guresuke @guresuke
Thank you very much dear Wim, your words filled me with happiness!

This particular song has been very special to me -- I had to abandon my comfort zone and try and sing differently from my usual way. It's been and is being a fantastic experience -- a privilege to me. I'm learning a lot, and having an ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF FUN!! 🎇 🎆 🙇 💥 !!

@Eidon @Guresuke
Wonderful isn't it, doing something that is fun and makes people happy at the same time!

@wim_v12e @Eidon Thanks for listening! I think this song was a challenge for Eidon-san.

@guresuke @wim_v12e Yes, a beautiful challenge ^_^ I was so happy to sing Bygone Days and look forward to the new song! 🎇 💥 !

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