Hello, I'm new here thus a little is in order.

"Call me Eidon..." No wait, that sounds a little too serious ^^

I'm Eidon, the man of many fixations -- that probably captures well what I am. I like literally too many things. Some "key words" designating them are Music, Manga, Japan*, Computer Science, Mathematics, Books, Nature, Art, Bass, Translation, poetry... I love my Friends and the Place where I met them -- Niu.Moe

I also love Ducks, with whom I like to converse when I can.

@Eidon Welcome Eidon!
When you put # in front of your keywords, the become hashtags und thus searchable. On Mastodon on cannot search for random words inside of people’s toots (to prevent bullying), only for hashtags and usernames. That’s why we tend to tag a little more, to connect with other people with similar interests :).

Thank you Schokopflaster-san!
Also thanks for your suggestion. I will us hashtags in my profile now! ^_^

@Eidon Don’t mention it :).

Having hashtags in your profile makes it easier to click on them and search through the public timeline whether someone talked about X (and tagged it). Which is great to find new people interested in X that you could follow.

But I’m not sure, whether you can search for profiles who have those hashtags. To be found by others you might have to use those tags in your toots and/or introduction toot.

@amaral Good morning Commander! Nice to hear from you! Thanks for your message -- a 'Quack!' a day keeps the quacks away! ^^

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