Studying history is very important, very beneficial

You start mapping distant events with recent ones; then you see a picture emerging from the cloud of points

The same behaviors, the same mechanisms

Only names change

"Super-Kamiokande" sounds like the name of a superhero: "Here comes Super-Kamiokande!"

Big selling point of this manga is that it’s like an artbook for itself. You basically don’t need danbooru, it’s all here.

This is probably my third manga/manhwa in full colour, and I find it’s super cool.
I don’t know if the author themself realises what they have achieved, but it’s one of the best images of Lapis that I’ve seen.
Yesterday’s train thread reminded me how happy can it make you, when there a thing unrelated to you and someone else – but you both happen to love it.

After listening once more to Bach' Violin Concertos one asks themselves why to try and write music, when all Music is already in there.

Octodon should join forces with Esadon and just discuss Initial D manga and anime.

Today I was at the local clinic and heard a doctor mention a collegue called "Fran".

I got scared right away.

The last book I read was so great that it's difficult to start reading a new one
so now I'm reading a book that I had left unfinished some months ago -- a history of Japan.

Finished! What a wonderful, totally capturing, magic book!!
Thank you so much Wim!

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