La nuova canzone di Bob Dylan 

My favourite expression from any language is the Japanese phrase 無茶苦茶 (mucha kucha) which means to be absurd, unreasonable, or reckless. The literal meaning is “no tea, bitter tea.”

My second favourite is probably the German expression “das ist mir wurst.”

Where may I find the live-action adaptation of Aku no Hana??

@Eidon Agreed! A "smartphone" is not smart. It's just a computer after all. Still, as an engineer, I marvel at the ingenuity in the design of such a device. The amount of compute power and connectivity in such a small thing is really incredible. The hardware is amazing, even in the cheapest ones.

I read The Flowers Of Evil.

But I'm still inside It.

I'll never get out.

"Pleonasm, n. Pleonasm is the use of more words or parts of words than are necessary or sufficient for clear expression: for example black darkness or burning fire."


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