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It is with great pleasure that I share here the latest song of Mathemorphosis:


I feel indebted with @guresuke -san, who gave me the opportunity to sing and write the lyrics for this song he wrote. It is an important song to me, the best so far to me.

I hope you will like it as much as I do ^_^


- Guresuke-san: Music composition and orchestration
- Eidon: Lyrics and voices

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My latest composition is the third in a series of Bachian plagiarisms ^_^'

It's available in two versions: with subtitles and special effects


in its original form, produced with .

Details on how to add the special effects are available through this post

The tool I used is called txt2srt and is available here:

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I recently joined @guresuke in a metal project called MATHEMORPHOSIS

Our first song, "Long Winter", was written by Guresuke-san. His lyrics evoke in me the spirit of these days of social segregation -- the reign of Camus' Absurd. Song and lyrics are here:

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From last week's walk. Colchicum autumnale, the English name is Autumn crocus though it isn't a crocus. In Dutch this is Herfsttijloos, meaning something like "autumn timeless" because it flowers in autumn and bears fruit in spring.

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Hilito temático :ablobdj:

Hard rock, blues-rock, acid rock, rock psicodélico, rock progressivo

Sunshine of Your Love

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I want チリヌルヲワカ's new album 『結晶』purely based on this interview with Yuu (in Japanese), where she discusses each of the songs.

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Yesterday, for the first time in quite a long time, I was back at the sea, in Gourock. First a swim in the outdoor pool, which is right next to the sea. Surprisingly, I had never done this. After tomorrow they close for the season so it was just in time. Fortunately the water is heated (about 28C), because otherwise it would have been a bit nippy. The picture shows a view from the poolside.

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Haku is a natural language functional programming language I've created, based on literary Japanese.

I wrote and article about the implementation of Haku in Raku. You don't need to know Japanese or Haku to read it.

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In "Agency", William Gibson mentions in passing a mural of a Venezuelan goddess. Based on his description, it is María Lionza

"La Reina Santa Maria de La Onza (The Queen Saint Mary of the Boar), María Lionza, is a goddess whose worship is very popular in Venezuela and nearby countries."

The whole article is very interesting.

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More Haku/DeepL poetry.

Haku program:




"To walk is to be infinite.
Forgetfulness means that you are "lost in your memories".

The truth is that we have forgotten how to walk."

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Yesterday evening's #improvisation, featuring the #Bastl #KastleDrum, a recent aquisition, so more fumbled with than played, really. :)

There is a bit of white #noise in the backdrop. I hope it doesn't mar the listening experience!

#ambient #AmbientGuitar #psychedelic #electronic

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Haku, my -inspired , lets you conjugate the verbs for a function call. For example:

Given a function send:


and an argument message:


In Scheme this would be

(send message)

Plain Haku

“To send a message”

Polite Haku

“Please send the message”

Insistent Haku

“Do send the message”


“The sent message”

For more details:

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Haku code:

本真とは記憶は「忘れられない あの冬の the new fallen snow」、忘れかけてた遠い記憶の事です。


The true meaning of memory is "the new fallen snow", a distant memory that was almost forgotten.


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Some time back in June I mentioned this idea of a Japanese-inspired programming language.

Three months and six thousand lines of code later, here is Haku: a toy functional programming language inspired by literary Japanese.

It is probably “pre-alpha” but if you want to try it out, or just read about it:

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CO emissions perspective:

- Every person breathes out about 1 kg CO2 per day.
- That is 3 gTCO2/year for the world population
- Current emissions are estimated at 55 gTCO2eq/year
- So all humans breathing is only about 5% of the total CO2 emissions.
- And this total needs to be reduced to 23 gtCO2eq/year by 2040 to stay below 1.5C warming.

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