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I recently joined @guresuke in a metal project called MATHEMORPHOSIS

Our first song, "Long Winter", was written by Guresuke-san. His lyrics evoke in me the spirit of these days of social segregation -- the reign of Camus' Absurd. Song and lyrics are here:


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Use \tablefootnote instead


But not in figures. There, use

1) \protect\footnotemark in the caption
2) \footnotetext{...text...}


And \footnotetext should not appear "far from the picture", mind


Moral of this story: ask Donald what he thinks about LaTeX; I'm sure he's going to tell you

"𝐿𝒶𝒯𝑒𝒳 𝒾𝓈 𝒷𝓇𝑜𝓀𝑒𝓃!"

The song starts like the Keiko version

赤く咲くのは けしの花
白く咲くのは 百合の花
どう咲らいゃいいのさ この私

"Poppie flowers bloom red,
lily flowers bloom white,
I wonder how I should bloom.
The dream opens at night"

But then it's Mikami's lyrics, and they are grim realism:


"I was crying in the back of the grocery store.
A thief with a child on his back.
Even though I only stole a single cabbage.
I don't need tears"

And it gets worse. But it is a very powerful song.

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I listened to this famous enka song called "Yume wa yoru hiraku" (夢は夜ひらく), "The dream opens at night", performed by also famous folk singer Kan Mikami and not yet famous Okinawa Electric Girl Saya.

This version is a combination of the lyrics of the hit version by Keiko Fuji and the lyrics Mikami wrote for his version in 1972, which was banned for its negative portrayal of Modern Japanese Culture.

Divine Fuji

Pictures by Mac Kamita-san from her hotel.

I wonder if one day I will be allowed to pay a visit to God Fuji.

An armed all-female ranger unit in Zimbabwe, the women have made it their job to save the wildlife for future generations while making a new life for themselves as well.

Meet the ‘Brave Ones’: The first armed, all-female ranger unit in Africa hunting poachers – Face2Face Africa

And here is the drawing. I used Conté pencils, Faber-Castell Graphite Aquarelle and Derwent Inktense on Arches 300 g/m² rough watercolour paper, 56 cm x 38 cm.

The portrait is based on a scene from the movie "Umimachi diary" ("Our little sister") by Hirokazu Kore-Eda. It is of the character Sachi, one of the sisters. This is the second portrait in a series of four, one for each character but that might take a while.

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Somehow reminiscent of the Sisters of Mercy:

沖縄電子少女彩『黒い花』MV / Okinawa Electric Girl Saya『Black Flower』

I spent the day reading the Headley translation of Beowulf and it turns out: it absolutely whips? I didn't really think much of Beowulf before, but the energy it provides even to the boring scenes where people are just hanging around talking shit is TREMENDOUS

I'm a remotely junior, very mediocre engineer with the mind in the cloud.
May I apply?
Don Jon Ei

Yes, the fediverse -- a federation

And yet every instance is "special". I find it difficult to live in one instance only...

Cerco in qualunque formato (PDF, ePub, doc, ecc.)
Lucio Colletti
Ideologia e società

Hello @wim_v12e, thank you very much for your boost! How are you doing? Here it's back to full teleworking regime, so I don't need to commute anymore. It makes quite a difference ^_^
I wish you an excellent evening!

My latest composition, “Esercizio no. 16” (Exercise no. 16)

On my :

Three voices, which I assigned to soundfonts of a Steinway piano, a Otto Rubner double bass from 1958, and percussions.

Video is obtained via with as input the string “000011112222”.

Also available on


When poor, 'twas salvation from door to door.

But now, with a pin-up guru every week,

It's Love, Peace & Truth Incorporated for all who seek.

I made another delicious meal, this time a kind of curry with potatoes, chick peas, spinach and tomatoes. That doesn't do it justice because it's the spices that make the taste.

The recipe is on my blog:

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