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It is with great pleasure that I share here the latest song of Mathemorphosis:


I feel indebted with @guresuke -san, who gave me the opportunity to sing and write the lyrics for this song he wrote. It is an important song to me, the best so far to me.

I hope you will like it as much as I do ^_^


- Guresuke-san: Music composition and orchestration
- Eidon: Lyrics and voices

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My latest composition is the third in a series of Bachian plagiarisms ^_^'

It's available in two versions: with subtitles and special effects


in its original form, produced with .

Details on how to add the special effects are available through this post

The tool I used is called txt2srt and is available here:

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I recently joined @guresuke in a metal project called MATHEMORPHOSIS

Our first song, "Long Winter", was written by Guresuke-san. His lyrics evoke in me the spirit of these days of social segregation -- the reign of Camus' Absurd. Song and lyrics are here:

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@Eidon @guresuke I was convinced, until exactly the moment I started writing this, that the name of the band was "mEtamorphosis", now I'm shocked

the song tho! really cool!! I love the instrumental part that starts around 4:30

Hi Everyone,

this is to announce the release of my album, "Unknow". It collects all the tracks that I composed the last few months, which was a very precious time for me. It marks the end of another stage of me -- another "phaze", would Frank say. It includes tracks that I composed, in the proper sense of that word, and algorithmic compositions -- what I call "my little Grundgestalts." My key objective is to get better at this, and to develop myself a little further, so I'd love to hear from you with your remarks, advice, suggestions, criticism...

From the bottom of my heart, my thanks to you for your trust and continued support.

Musically yours,

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I will talk on the need for frugal computing and the path towards zero-carbon computing at the Summer/Winter School 2022 on Fri 29 July, 16:00 BST (15:00 UTC).

Hope to see you all there!

You can sign up at


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Please come join my team!

I have a fully funded Research Associate position available, for 30 months at the University of Glasgow, UK, pay scale £36,382 - £40,927.

Come work with me ( and Jose Cano Reyes ( on Morello-HAT, a project to develop high-level APIs and tooling for (, Arm's novel ( hardware capability platform which aims to revolutionise security through a novel hardware architecture.

The aim of the Morello-Hat project is to develop hardware capability APIs for use in Rust, Go and Dart so that developers can fully leverage the potential of hardware capabilities to secure their apps.

This position is full time and fixed term to 31st December 2024.

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Yesterday I released my fifth album, "Railway Tracks". It is available on #Bandcamp at

The song I'm uploading here is the alternate take of track that gave the album its title. It's called "On a runaway train".

If you like this type of music, follow me on my bandcamp via -- thank you.

Boosts greatly appreciated!

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Come join my team! I have a fully funded Research Associate position available for 30 months to work on Morello-HAT, my project to develop high-level APIs and tooling for , Arm's -based hardware capability platform.

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Thanks very much for your boost/fav, Wistahe-san! 🎇 🎵 💥 🎸 🎆 !

This is "Downtune Ed", a piece for guitar harmonics, rhythmic guitar, piano, and percussions.

My guitar's low E string is downtuned to E flat here.

The track is available on :

and on youtube:

If you like this music, please follow me on Bandcamp:

Boosts are greatly appreciated :ablobspin: !

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What name would I give my own instance?
"Eidodon," I suppose XD

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