Ich hatte endlich 10min Zeit um mal den RC buggy zu testen der letztens bei mir in der Post lag.

War nach 20 Uhr und nur kurz vor der Tür, aber zumindest überhaupt mal gefahren...

-B - 1:18 brushed 2s - sollte realistisch 50km/h schaffen

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In ist morgen/übermorgen mal wieder totale

5,5km Radius um die Pfarrkirche St. Matthäus, von Boden bis 3.048m

Freitag ab 6 Uhr bis Sonntag 18 Uhr (15. bis 17. Februar 2019)

Grund: 55. Münchner

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@DresdenFPV If you're curious, that's a war memorial in Gyeongsang, South Korea, known as 의병탑. The rings represent generals.

the by just looks better and better with every update


I probably will build me a version with an -Camera once he got a good frame ready

even got a unused around, just waiting to get used

old footage, back from December 2018

really hit the snow that day... multiple times youtu.be/8snfvV5FDIs

-Motor 2419 is a pretty good looking 1.9" propped micro

more speed than the even smaller , but still extremely portable and safe to use

there's even a supplier in germany: flyingmachines.de/T-Motor-2419

test videos still show some vibrations, might be manageable via tuning

“Drones are bad because you can spy on people without them knowing”

No, really - that's actually the thing. A is loud, large when equipped with a good camera and none of them actually come with any decent zoom capabilities. (yes, there now actually are some who can do basic zoom - nothing compared to even a cheap camera without switchable lenses could do)

video with flight footage (same flight) of the 3 major combined cams , and


pretty similar as was to be expected - but slightly different in tuning and default lens

Also this is probably the best size of a quadcopter to take on a holiday.

Bigger and it gets more difficult to stow away but if you go smaller then the other gear to support the quad (goggles/remote/charger/lipos) get increasingly more of an restricting factor then the quad itself.

So smaller and your gear won't shrink down that much, while you'd get worse flight performance. (HD cams still come with added weight)

Still: having prop guards would make it EVEN MORE allround-ish

probably THE best sub-3" micro that comes with Camera out of the box: Cygnet CX2 HD youtu.be/v7aGPR3eyY8

have this in my shopping cart since last year - sadly my wife already tells me I own far too many Quadcopters already

now there appear more and more roughly sized -s with HD cameras

as I predicted more than a year ago, when first appeared

Nimmt mir bitte jemand die Kreditkarte weg? Ich kann offensichtlich nicht gut damit umgehen.

Hatte überlegt **eine** von 3 Optionen zu kaufen durch die ich unterschiedlichste Varianten eines irgendwie interessanten RC-Autos bekommen könnte

Irgendwas führte dazu dass ich jetzt 4 Dinge gekauft habe.


schafft es in Jahrzehnten gerade mal seine Technik-Modelle bis auf den Stand von -Fernbedienungen zu entwickeln.

Das können Chinesen besser und liefern mit "CaDA power function" ein besseres Modul für 2.4GHz Funk

Gut gemacht! Jetzt noch zeitgemäße Motoren, Sensoren und mehr eigenständige Modelle!

Der chinesische Klon wird nicht besser weil er billiger ist, sondern weil lego seit Jahrzehnten schläft.

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