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Warning, will talk your ear off about Star Trek and Stellaris.

I'm sorry. T-T

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I just wanna talk about game design and video games, make a better world and make friends. ._.

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No one should suffer alone. and no one should feel they have to compete for attention to just survive.

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Me: I am profoundly affected by this experience.

Also me: This is the second time I forgot where I was and fell in the water. I'm a goof.

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Admit your crushes. You can do it. I believe in you.

Every single children's mystery book ever:

"Golly, a clue"

guys that take the time to review bomb movies with women in them are pretty pathetic

Happy Intergalactic Positivity Day! I dunno why you humans don't have this as a holiday yet, but it is Intergalactic Positivity Day in the intergalactic community. Be sure to spread the positive vibes around :3

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Gonna see how many times I can work "im gay" into conversation tomorrow at work challenge 2k19

Things no one warned me about when I came to Mastodon:

. You'll use CWs for things that aren't triggers
. You'll crush and hard for many fedi peeps
. You'll shitpost, eventually make an account just for that
. You'll care about strangers online and they shall no more be like strangers but a family instead
. There'll be at least one person telling you to go to sleep already
. You can always ask for help and help shall make your way, one way or another

To be continued, I'm sure! :ablobsmile:

"please select your gender"
[You open the dropdown menu and it's a cat picture and the cat is really cute and makes you forget about gender]

"But competition sparks innovation."

Yes, which is why under communism, competing ideas play out in the lab, not in the final product. That way, people don't suffer due to shitty "innovations".

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