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Been a while since I last was waiting for something to Render. :o I'm always to anxious to do more than web browse and I keep thinking the mic picks stuff up while it renders. lol

stealing hormones and distributing them to people in need is genderpunk

if you really think about it, yes ALL donuts are decentralized

Anarchy is when you see Ayn Rand and immediately find a dustbin and pull out your lighter.

Mutual Aid with a Anti-matter universe, by sharing an equal amount of matter for each universe to have anti-matter reactors.

Also the matter and anti-matter are grapes.

the most striking thing about queer social circles is how everyone respects that everyone else is damaged

i honestly forget how rare that is outside my bubble

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So hey, folks in the US, be careful what you eat right now, since our food isn't being inspected. We're already seeing an uptick of tests for salmonella and e.coli at the lab I work for.

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Almost boosted the wrong one. TL moves fast

Can anyone recommend an android client that handles long mastodon DM threads in a comfortable way?

Arrangements to make people pay for using a program, including licensing of copies, always incur a tremendous cost to society through the cumbersome mechanisms necessary to figure out how much (that is, which programs) a person must pay for. And only a police state can force everyone to obey them.
-- Richard Stallman

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