Some as follow-up to yesterday's post of found stones from the America satirical magazine Puck.

Did you know in 1881, they introduced what are now considered the earliest known in the English language?

:D ... err ...😃

A listy collection that we and a whole buncha other localish queer sorts built containing a great deal of books by trans, two spirit, and gender diverse authors. Please boost as its a really helpful resource for trans sorts who like books (and people who have libraries in their town and want moar stuff like this available).

Books Authored by Trans, Two Spirit, Gender Diverse Authors:

#librarieseverywhere #trans #books #lgbt

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The story of a long-lost treasure trove of stones from the printer of Puck Magazine in the SoHo District of .

(And they didn't just print Puck Magazine, but diplomas, election certificates, bonds, and more; all on display.)

A year ago, 12-year-old Aisha from set herself a major challenge: to read from every country in the world, “as well as some extra territories.”

She is looking for recommendations as well as books to "appreciate all those (lesser-known) authors who are not appreciated for their work!"

, the 75th anniversary of the death of (most well known for writing 'Anne of Green Gables), 75 facts about her you may not know.

" are not so scarce as I used to think. It's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.” 🙂

Attn book lovers: is a useful 1-stop resource for reading /series in order.

Not perfect: doesn't have 😔 But a random check for both children/YA & adults' books, modern & err ... not quite so modern, was otherwise complete.

PS: love . Writes both short stories, incl short story series like the 'Callahan' books, & full novels.

Know 2 people who know him personally & swear he's wonderful, but am too shy/awed to contact him. 😮

They say you will find the England you are seeking. For bibliophiles, here are eleven must-visit, children-friendly places when on a literary London pilgrimage.

When you can't decide on which book to read - or doing research & need several books at once: an eighteenth century rotating book carousel.

I *love* Easter eggs! But don't blink - you might miss them! 🤣🤣🤣 (I'm sorry - I couldn't resist! Just a little ❤️.)

Link talks about hidden in ...

"This seemed like another means to assert the relevance of poetry in our lifetime."

"A celebration of Obama ... we could use words from poets that honored us as a nation through the lens of celebrating this historic presidency."

in 1755, Samuel Johnson's 'A Dictionary of the English Language' was published in 2 volumes.

Have been a lover since wee; have not one but *two* OEDs in the house, the 'good one' & the everyday. 🤣

More trivia in link:

For Cdn students: Gr 7-9 & 10-12
2017 Shakespeare Selfie Contest!
(err ... Soliloquy/Monologue Contest)

THE CHALLENGE: In the Shakespeare Selfie, we ask students to write a modern-day soliloquy or monologue (200-400 words) by a Shakespearean character, based on a prominent news, pop culture or current affairs event from the last year (April 2016-April 2017).

More details here:

Attention fellow database geeks and/or history buffs, US National Archives needs help tagging their digital poster collection, so they can be more readily accessible to all. Details below - have fun! Expand

He wants to ensure there is always a place ... where one can access the healing power of books, no matter the hour or the price. 💖

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