///transphobia/// ///death/// 

This super sweet trans girl died she ce to a decorating party and the sad thing is her death outed her and my parrents and everyone are being so shitty it makes me sad I feel so frickin bad for her

broke boy issues 

I wanna go back to therapy too bad its $$$ :^) I love capitalism uwu

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a really cool thing you can do for trans girls (and other trans girls) is to just hang out doing nothing except taking care of each other. It can be platonic, make tea and have a few hours of quiet reading time.
I think this is good partly because it reminds us that A, it's good to spend time together just recharging our batteries
B, it's good to relax and have no expectations of each other. ime, that feeling does not come naturally to trans women. it can feel like we owe something.

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if your old (over 15)... get a fuckin life and quit posting. don't you have grandkids to take care of

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guys someone was trolling our socialist group and he made some good points
1. he works really hard
2. none of us work hard
3. none of us fuck

anyway I'm a republican now

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oh you're on mastodon? name 5 instances.

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the sonic movie will still be better than ready player one

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hey kids. running a website is pretty cool [sits backwards in chair] but let me tell you about the real "web master"... spider-man

wall of text but also help 

I broke 3 vases. My mom was pised I felt bad bc it was my parrents 30th anniversary. I've allways ben clumsy but lately I feel off I keep hurtn myself bumping into everythn also Random parts of my body go numb (hands mostly more concerning my face goes numb often) I don't know what this means also I havent had a period in 7 months 'm not pregnant(haven had sex in a year)i need medical but I'm really poor and I tried to get a job but I couldn't take it.Idk what to do


I'm tired of being useless and depressed everything fricken sucks like I wish I could just transition and live my own life and be happy but I cant I cant do anything for myself I'm not prepared to be an adult and I'm failing a t everything

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Asylum / good praxis 

A church in Den Haag has been having an ongoing church service that started on 26 October. This is because Dutch cops aren't allowed to deport people who are at church and they're protecting an asylum-seeker family with credible threats to their lives. protestantsekerkdenhaag.nl/chu

This is what church ought to be for. IMO. They're taking donations and looking for volunteers as there must always be at least two people present for the service to continue.


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I really like new Amsterdam but my mom kept making transphobic comments during today's episode and it fricken hurts my guys

Is not allowing your kid to transition considered abuse or I'm i just being a special snowflake


I hate that my dad is saying that the people applying for asylum need to be shot. When we are literally Hispanic like have some deacency and compassion for our brothers.

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Consider the following: Trans Shinji

" I hate myself. But, maybe, maybe I could love myself. Maybe, my life can have a greater value. That's right!. I am no more or less than myself. I am me! I want to be myself! I want to continue existing in this world! My life is worth living here!"

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