Unread emails down from 400+ to less than 300.

Just read the terms of my licence and it doesn't allow me to send quantum encrypted messages via satellite. space.com/quantum-communicatio


See that blurry guy in the background with a camera on screen with Colin Farrell in Dumbo?
That's me.

I'm impressed with Pcloud as an alternative to Dropbox. Lifetime pricing is a draw as is it being friendly. I have a referral code if you would like to give it a try.. e.pcloud.com/#page=register&in

Drinking Ukrainian lager. Quite light. I imagine they drink it with a 50% Vodka mix. Budmo!

I can now take photos on my mobile device and send them over the air to another device!

Setting up a new Mac. Manually Should be done in a week.

Does anyone else talk to themselves whilst raiding their own fridge?

Just caught myself saying “I’ll have some of that, some of that, some of that and some of that mother fuckers.”

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