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Documentally @Documentally

This is George Orwell's (Eric Arthur Blair's) Son at the graveside of his father.

Visited George Orwell for his birthday today.

I've had a picnic at his grave in Oxfordshire every June 25 for the last 10 years.

Currently in Cambridge. Craving a beer by the water.

Who will you be voting for on June 8?

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I'm guessing hashtag searches work across all instances right?

Just a little surprised no one but me has mentioned (Thinking Digital)

I'm all packed for in Gateshead (near Newcastle, UK) Wonder if there will be any conference chat here. You going?

Experimenting with mics into the pot walkman. Hard to monitor properly. Lots of peaking and overblown sound but i finally found a winner..

Just spent 30 minutes fixing this cassette. Music from 50 years ago and it plays beautifully.

@MatStace pretty sure I saw something in Maplin which did that.

@Edent Has any research been done into the always listening function. Is there a justifiable surveillance/privacy story there?