Ahhh the weekend. Where I need to edit and deliver two 10 minute films. One of which I have not filmed yet. :-/

Almost bed time but i feel like i've just found my flow.

@starbreaker I think a lot of us are realizing that we can be ourselves, and we don't need to conform to gender norms. Everyone is queer, we just don't know it yet.

Sat by the fire drinking a beer. Summer has gone, autumn is here.

Dear [name here] I was fascinated to hear about your [recent thing] & thought that as you were so busy maybe I can make life easier. I write an [adjective] newsletter that is quite popular. It's really very personal. An email from me to you & a few others. documentally.substack.com/welc

This is the free sign-up. Not the I'll-be-able-to-retire-in-50-years subscription link.

Just posted this to LinkedIN linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:l

I'm wondering if there is a free (open source) software solution for making a networked home. Who does it the most ethically and can we trust Apple or Bosch solutions?

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