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I’m experimenting with buyingmea They do this strange coffee based paywall thing and I’m going to start posting exclusive content. All people have to do is buy me one coffee and then they will unlock it for ever. Or as long as the platform lasts.

I think I might grow a big beard and crazy hair. Maybe check into the Chelsea Hotel. Live short term, drink cheap wine and upset people. Make up a style and see how it fits. Call myself an artist.

Blogged a conversation with my Dad. This post might actually help you live longer. should you want to of course.

Never rush when peeling
A hard boiled egg
It will only end in tears

(I think confucius might have said that.)

In an isolated welsh hotel and the wifi is finally working as everyone is asleep.

Looking for ideas for a coffee table. You can't get this in Ikea.

In London. Well Teddington to be precise.

Been playing Zelda way too late again.

Off out for a run (more a jog really) but nothing can stave off the debouched calorific onslaught of the next week.

Tomorrow I write my 100th and possibly last newsletter. Anyone got any suggestions for the title?

Listening to Foreigner on cassette.

Either i'm a time traveller or someone who suddenly didn't want to pay top whack for second hand records from charity shops and rediscovered a few bags of tapes in the attic.

Sadly i'm the latter.

I don't have spotify and even managed to grab my dream Nakamichi deck off eBay at one tenth of it's price in the early 90's.

Is there a bot that celebrates your first anniversary on here?