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my vampire villiansona is done and it's fucking beautiful as hell. they are ready to take on the vampire hunters, capitalists, and anyone else who poses a threat to the coven that took them in after being raised by the largest vampire hunting family in the city

huge thanks to @FirstProgenitor for drawing this beauty!

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things more punk then the sex pistols 

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a message for people who wonder why there's so much "drama" fediverse, done with car seat headrest lyrics from the song cosmic hero 

lewd? shitpost 

hot music take 

screaming in all caps and zalgo text at the top of my lungs 

screaming in all caps and zalgo text at the top of my lungs 

all of godzilla's battles with mothra would just be over if the two of them confronted their toxic masculinity, make up, and kiss

lewd shitpost 

lewd shitpost 

thinking about how in order to make a black metal cover of the beatles song here comes the sun, you'd have to write a different song that's not here come the sun

going up to the heavens and cancelling god for being a bad father and sending his only son to die amongst his other war crimes


y'know, i sometime trail off on remembering it, but every now and then i think about gunnerkrigg court and how it's one of the most well-made and profoundest works of fiction i've ever come across

i've never seen something so dedicated to the story, both main and sides, and done with world building and tension building to the fullest extent

i should reread it again because it was so fucking fulfilling and hit so many sweet spots that haven't been hit since watching eva for the first time

body horror; lewd; gore; very cursed 

another hot music take 

in related news, holy shit addicted is like being crushed by sugar the same way an anvil crushes your body your mind, only less painful and all the enthusiasm god i fucking love this man

*in semi-joking hipster voice* i listened to devin townsend way before eugen started making everyone listen to him where's my reward 😢

one of these days, an album's production and overall sound will snap, crackle, and pop in my ears the same way the drums in the radiohead song reckoner will but that time is obviously not now ;-;

music hot take 

music hot take 

meta; subtoot; epstein; salt 

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