From the bird site. The irony of someone (Rich) who claims to be anti-Nazi using Nazi tactics of propaganda.

The marketplace of ideas mantra only works when everyone has the same access to the marketplace.

Reasonable Colors is a set of CSS colours that make it easier to choose combinations with a contrast ratio satisfying WCAG 2.0

Elon Musk would host the shooter's manifesto
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When Elon Musk talks about being a free speech absolutist please be aware that he is saying he wants more of these shootings to happen. He wants black people harassed off of this website, he wants white supremacists to recruit openly and easily and he wants more shootings

Cable companies, Google, Facebook, and hosting companies could ban Fox News and we could stop the hemorrhaging. But they won’t because fascism is a revenue center for them.


"But, on the other hand, we may take it as certain that other intellectual races exist on other planets,-- if not our solar system, then of others; and also that innumerable new intellectual races have yet to be developed; so that on the whole, it may be regarded as most certain that intellectual life in the universe will never cease." -- C.S. Peirce
John Campbell would not have approved.

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"We may take it as certain that the human race will ultimately be extirpated; because there is a certain chance of that every year, and in an indefinitely long time the chance of survival compounds itself nearer and nearer to zero." - C.S. Peirce
This quotation made me think of a SciFi story "Collision Course" (see )
It's interesting to see the parallels with modern day realisation of colonialism and further our species arrogance.

The fact that these vaccines are not mrna might encourage more people to vaccinate. The additional fact that these vaccines will not need the cold temperatures for storage and transport will make it easier to get it everywhere. It would also be nice if they were patent free and could be made everywhere. Not holding my breath.

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Listened to Quirks and Quarks today. They talked about the new COVID-19 vaccines coming. We badly need them, we are still in a pandemic. Will this encourage more people to take the vaccine? Or have people lost trust completely in science? Promising that these new vaccines are non-specific meaning they will work for more than just the spike protein as the early MRNA vaccines did and are less temperature sensitive.

"I should be the very first to admit that logic can never be learned from logic-books or logic lectures." - C.S. Peirce

From the bird. All I have to say is happily some day these will stop.

Superman hasn't been able to find a phone booth for years and boy does his costume itch now.

New people to the #fediverse, particularly those who are academics or journalists:

know that unlike Twitter, almost all people here *do not* consent to having their posts quoted without prior permission.

Do not scrap a bunch of posts, or re-embed them in articles, without getting consent.

Does Mastodon have any equivalent of Twitter DMs? I haven't found one yet.

Never ever ever argue on the bird it only gives people a shot of adrenaline and thus makes the bird money.

I'm old enough to remember the Vietnam war. Folks trying to justify war for any reason can just shut the fuck up.

Years ago I gave a short talk at a Skepticamp (When they were still a thing :-( ) on Propaganda. It's been an interest of mine for years ever since.

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