No matter which social network you're on, following a diverse group of people helps you taking a peek at the other side of your personal filter bubble.

You don't have to agree with everything and everyone, but please, at least try to listen to people and their opinions.

It will help you appreciate your own life, and may just make you a little wiser.

I guess the CAD software I'm looking for just doesn't exist yet. Designing a case should really be just a couple of mouse clicks:

new case -> adjust size -> pick closing mechanism -> pick device from database -> automatically place screw holes

In other words: I don't want to invent my own designs here, I just need to combine a bunch of existing building blocks like Legos.

Anything like that?

guess which all-powerful tech monopoly is breaking ublock origin (and umatrix, and likely many other similar add-ons, such as noscript) in their browser, which happens to be the most popular browser in the world?

who could have foreseen this? who would ever think that an advertising company's web browser would end up breaking compatibility with an ad blocker? frankly i'm shocked

Seems a lot of you don't know I am on the version of mastodon Well. I am . Look for DianeBruce. That is all!

Your house is overloaded with books. What do you do?

There once was a man named Alcubierre,
Who set up a warp field over there,
He disappeared with a flash,
And displaced lots of grass,
But no one's seen him in a year.

lifehack: whenever public wifi asks you for your email, instead of giving it to them, do this ONE NEAT TRICK

look at the name of the company trying to collect it (it will never be the restaurant or cafe, always some soulless data brokering tech firm) and type in "sales" or "hello"

give them a taste of their own medicine!!

Slides from my small solar project.

And a graph of status taken every half hour for a few weeks. I started out reverse engineering the MODBUS protocol then discovered it was a RENOGY clone. Made this much easier. ;)

Gah I have been absent from here longer than I thought I had been. I have been very busy though setting up this laptop, then setting up a small solar system.

Am I wrong to be bothered by o-called sceptics who don't fact check their quotations? sheesh Mark Twain, Einstein, Benjamin Franklin etc. etc. never said a lot of things people quote him on! People on the bird land and faeces book are the worst at that. ;)

I suppose I really should have an instance on

It's time to stop these two specific companies from tracking us, site loading trackers from no less than 19 domains says.

What to do if you see antisocial benchs that are supposed to don't let people lay down to rest in order to increase gentrification?

Repair them!

The idea that you can solve homelessness by making benches hard to sleep on is stupid, and indicative of the kind of gormless wingnuttery in contemporarty mainstream politics.

@sonicbooming *unsolicited advice incoming*
You could contact a women's shelter & see if they could use any of your old devices. Even some older phones don't need a SIM to call 911. Then you can hope they never get used again (if you catch my meaning).

Feeling better. Not good. But better.

Get your flu shot. I did, and I still got sick. But a whole bunch of kids and >50s in my town are freaking hospitalized. Vaccination can reduce the severity of symptoms.

Kitties seem popular here!! I found this today on another app and now am sharing it with Octodon. Enjoy!! <3

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