Hey all! on Twitter is going to start up again soon, after a few weeks off. If you're interested in discussing topics with us, let me know if June 22 or 29 is better. (We do Thursday nights at 5pm Pacific Time, but can change if enough people want a different time.) We're probably gonna be doing a series on (not just of English).

To all who follow me: I am moving to wandering.shop as my main instance. You can follow me at @DialMforMara

M40 is the only double star in Messier's catalog. Observations by the Gaia mission show it to be an optical double, that is the stars are simply lined up in our line of sight and not gravitationally bound together as a binary.

Thought: if you cannot successfully pilot a two person kayak or canoe together on a float trip and end up shouting at one another, you are probably NOT meant to be.

@tomstearns @churley79 DING DING DING

We have two winners for Rush's rock anthem "Tom Sawyer". The seven-toed cat paw


and the ... bulldog? ....


As a prize, you both get a large collection of Ys and Zs!



English pun humor 

Ok, problem with Mastadon: In Firefox it incures a SIGNIFICANT amount of CPU. Firefox suddenly starts using an average of 10-20% of my CPU, a i5 M 540 at 2.5 GHz.

Only web applications could make copying data off the internet and displaying it on screen take that much CPU.

Testing in Chrome now. Seems fine so far. Still about 5% of CPU, which is pretty crazy for rending text and a few images.

WTF, do I blame Firefox or the person who wrote Mastadon?

"You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way."
- E.L. Doctorow

Just watched Tropic Thunder. I'm kind of shocked to say that I really liked it. In the genre of "movies about the absurdity and psychopathic cruelty of Hollywood," it's near the top of my list.

What if I made a bot that just posted the title of any bill supported by a majority of US GOP House reps and added comments like "This will harm millions!" or "Wealth transfer to the wealthy!" or "Income inequality will become even worse!" or "This will marginalize minorities and women even more!" without reading the text of the bill at all.

Then I let that run for a few years.

How often would the comments be factually wrong?

(Note: I can't make bots. If you do this, just gimme a shout out)

I doodle pretty much every time I am talking on the phone. Like, A LOT. Especially during work conferences, in which I scribble pages and pages of useless junk just because it helps me staying focused.

So I've been thinking of using a instead. Has anyone with tried using it? Did they manage to avoid wasting paper by using the cube?

My little brother is now complaining that the commercials during Handmaiden's Tale are all tone deaf lingere and waxing ads. He says women ages 24-34 are maybe thinking about other things right now and is surprised nobody thought to maybe advertise for Planned Parenthood or something instead. He's a good kid.

is starting now in the bird machine. Come discuss linguistic prejudice and discrimination with us.

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