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Trouble sleeping. I think we need a general strike to force politicians to address our gun sickness. Nothing will happen otherwise and these conditions will get worse. The price of the current status quo is immoral.

I just started reading a Lester Bangs collection of essays, and wow, I thought I had opinions about music? (He’s not wrong about Fun House tho)

What's the longest you've used a single smart phone? (Boost for a broader data pool.)

Traditional American jobs:

- fur trapper
- adulterer
- person injured in a sled crash
- fence whitewasher
- unemployed farmer
- sea captain driven to madness
- disillusioned journalist
- gold rush prospector
- southern lawyer
- catcher in the rye
- cowboy with a dark secret
- Jay Gatsby

At the risk of repeating myself, I am about to repeat myself. Hello from my new-old Mastodon home. I was once @formerlyquincy on this same instance back in 2017, then until a couple days ago. I had an introduction there, but now that I'm settled back here, I go again here:

I have been in the IT support world for around 25 years, most of which were for front-end, customer-facing support in two Midwestern states. Yep, this means I am older than the average tooter. Over the last 2-3 years, I've added a substantial amount of back-end support, so I'm knowledgeable enough to be dangerous in Active Directory and ConfigManager. It is likely that Microsoft 365 services will soon follow along, and even though I'm not a manager or supervisor, I'm unofficially acting in that capacity. It's a bit annoying to be both two things and neither of them at the same time, but that seems to be my path-as-not-a-path journey.

Outside of work, I have a life! I enjoy photography, travel, music, podcasts, birdwatching, wines and beers, far too much what-if speculation like alternate histories or imaginary maps/flags, various cult-ish shows (MST3K, Doctor Who, etc.), astronomy, and I can even talk sportsball.

The above are some of my interests, but not all. I distract far too easily, so some interests are more shallow than others.

Abraham Lincoln didn’t eat no cabin cheese in his log cottage.

Words have meaning.

The human body is the most perfect example of a successful communist system

Not really art. 

As a manager who has climbed the ranks from production, I rarely get to do an art any more, because I’m busy jockeying paper and herding cats. So I took an moment to do an art with my highlighters.

Oh so we have 2000 characters now? Rip my blog.

In summery, I shall…

Jesus f-ing Christ, my ex-wife just followed me on Twitter. First Elon, now THIS!

I put a roll of film in my camera 6 months ago or so, and shot half of it. I forgot where. I assumed (you know what happens…) that it was Velvia 100, and proceeded to shoot the rest of the roll like that this weekend. I just popped the camera to discover it was Kodak tri-x pan, so it will be interesting to see how my compositions based on color work out in black and white. For varying definitions of “interesting.”

I am so glad I don’t have to name new pharmaceuticals. Quelipta? That’s the best a focus group could do?

Ask your doctor about Dlyrgthmilixl.

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