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Big music listener, not much of a movie watcher. We watched Cool Hand Luke for the first time in years last night & I just caught that John Melloncamp totally ripped a line of dialogue from it for Scarecrow.

“Sorry, Luke - it’s just my job. I hope you understand.”
“Callin’ it your job don’t make it right, boss.”

New day, new job, new band, new gigs, change is everywhere & it all seems good right now.

I don’t have a picture to add, but the bread went really well with the beef stew I made today. Nice to have a long enough weekend to actually cook.

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I made bread! It’s a little yeasty, but it’s not too crumbly or gooey in the middle like the last recipe I tried.

I am now four Brautigan books into this reading spree & it’s all every bit as wonderful as I remembered it.

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Trout Fishing in America is a very strange and wonderful book.

Still here, re-reading a bunch of Brautigan because it reminds me of hone.

I just found a roll of Tri-X & a roll of Velvia digging through my camera bag. I intend to shoot it all. Taking the D7100 too If course- it holds 1200 RAW files.

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I’m going to the Oregon coast for a week & I have 4 rolls of Ilford HP5 ready for action. I’m actually hoping the weather’s terrible so there’s some waves. Cape Perpetua is calling.


I made deep fried tofu and now I’m making a coconut milk & peanut curry! Yay for days off!

Added a USB 3.0 card to my Mac Pro. Chock full o’drives. Boot SSD on a SATA III PCIe card, 10.6.8 boot drive on SSD card in slot 4, 1 tb storage in slot 3 , 4 tb RAID 0 storage in slots 1 & 2. Not visible - 2 more backup drives in empty space above DVD drive. Love this thing, even if it’s stuck at High Sierra.

It’s Saturday morning & Apple’s screen time app can go straight to Hell.

This is the kind of photography I’ve been focusing on lately- black & white film.

Mayfield park in Austin.

Ok web browsing on this thing might be wonky now, but these late-gen PB G4.’s were some sturdy hardware. I still like this keyboard a lot.

Dang, there goes my uptime while I install this PCIe card. Remember how excited everyone was about uptime when OS X first came out? I had one machine go about 250 days on 10.4 I think. It was a marvel after rebooting thrice a day in OS9.

Also, for whatever reason, I grabbed a cheap USB 3.0 PCIe card for the Mac Pro. Should make external drive purchases easier for a while, since FireWire is down the tubes.

For whatever reason possessed me, I just maxed out the RAM in my 2005 PowerBook 1.67. Cost me 11 bucks plus shipping to take it from 1 gig to 2 gig. I think it currently holds the title of longest-surviving computer I’ve owned.

Did I post this already? It’s from the Blanco TX cemetery last October.

#35 mm

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