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Added a USB 3.0 card to my Mac Pro. Chock full o’drives. Boot SSD on a SATA III PCIe card, 10.6.8 boot drive on SSD card in slot 4, 1 tb storage in slot 3 , 4 tb RAID 0 storage in slots 1 & 2. Not visible - 2 more backup drives in empty space above DVD drive. Love this thing, even if it’s stuck at High Sierra.

It’s Saturday morning & Apple’s screen time app can go straight to Hell.

This is the kind of photography I’ve been focusing on lately- black & white film.

Mayfield park in Austin.

Ok web browsing on this thing might be wonky now, but these late-gen PB G4.’s were some sturdy hardware. I still like this keyboard a lot.

Dang, there goes my uptime while I install this PCIe card. Remember how excited everyone was about uptime when OS X first came out? I had one machine go about 250 days on 10.4 I think. It was a marvel after rebooting thrice a day in OS9.

Also, for whatever reason, I grabbed a cheap USB 3.0 PCIe card for the Mac Pro. Should make external drive purchases easier for a while, since FireWire is down the tubes.

For whatever reason possessed me, I just maxed out the RAM in my 2005 PowerBook 1.67. Cost me 11 bucks plus shipping to take it from 1 gig to 2 gig. I think it currently holds the title of longest-surviving computer I’ve owned.

Did I post this already? It’s from the Blanco TX cemetery last October.

#35 mm

Mr. X was the greatest Ultravox song of all time. @ me if you want, I'm not budging.

It's time for Steven Wilson to start re-mixing the Peter Gabriel catalog in 5.1. He can start with Security.

Life’s not too exciting, but I just got back from the vet for doggo’s annual & he’s healthy & happy to be home. 11 years since I rescued him & he’s just the best.

Also from the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory Baker-Nunn telescope. By combining a series of images taken over the lunar eclipse, a picture of the Earth's shadow.

Lunar Elipse from Austin, about 5 minutes into totality. There was a light haze but I got a couple decent shots.

Ok, so - since astronomers know the dates of eclipses pretty far in advance, could they not schedule them on evenings with clear skies? Seriously, do I have to do everything?

I was REALLY looking forward to this lunar eclipse & it clouded up here this afternoon.

As my daughter would say, I have a sad.

Still alive! It’s a gorgeous day in Austin & we’re going to get tacos.

Pretty cool: this site helps you find the Bandcamp of all artists in your Spotify year end list, so you can actually support them financially:

How the heck is everyone? It’s 4:50 am in Austin & I just woke up from a stress dream & am hoping I can go back to sleep now, but they’re emptying the dumpsters down at the hospital.

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