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Mr. X was the greatest Ultravox song of all time. @ me if you want, I'm not budging.

It's time for Steven Wilson to start re-mixing the Peter Gabriel catalog in 5.1. He can start with Security.

Life’s not too exciting, but I just got back from the vet for doggo’s annual & he’s healthy & happy to be home. 11 years since I rescued him & he’s just the best.

Also from the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory Baker-Nunn telescope. By combining a series of images taken over the lunar eclipse, a picture of the Earth's shadow.

Lunar Elipse from Austin, about 5 minutes into totality. There was a light haze but I got a couple decent shots.

Ok, so - since astronomers know the dates of eclipses pretty far in advance, could they not schedule them on evenings with clear skies? Seriously, do I have to do everything?

I was REALLY looking forward to this lunar eclipse & it clouded up here this afternoon.

As my daughter would say, I have a sad.

Still alive! It’s a gorgeous day in Austin & we’re going to get tacos.

Pretty cool: this site helps you find the Bandcamp of all artists in your Spotify year end list, so you can actually support them financially:

How the heck is everyone? It’s 4:50 am in Austin & I just woke up from a stress dream & am hoping I can go back to sleep now, but they’re emptying the dumpsters down at the hospital.

The daughter & I went to San Antonio last night to catch the Steven Wilson show at the Aztec & it was incredible. So good to have her home for a few days. We have our best conversations in the car, listening to music, talking about space, music, politics, whatever, & her gently ribbing me about how she ever survived early childhood. There were a few miracles. Anyway, it was a great show & a great day. I survived a long-ass year for that moment.

For the weekday crowd: New Carbon 7 (3.5 hours-worth) here:

and here:

Any sales go towards hosting and/or tacos & beer/fizzy water and/or my monthly donations to Octodon and/or MetaFilter.

finally, after much hullabaloo, wiling & gnashing of teeth, I've managed to get the new carbon 7 dual albums Ultraviolet & Infrared up on Bandcamp. All proceeds go towards hosting, beer & tacos, so chip in today!

So many typos here I don’t know where to begin. Good morning. Coffee plz

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So Fleetwood Mac’s Then Play On is a deeply weird, erratic & wonderful album. Immediately top-of-the-heap tracks are of course Oh Well pts. 1 & 2 and also Rattlesnake Shake & Like Crying. Others will reveal themselves of future listens, as there’s lots of great stuff here. The crazy amount of type compression on the drums throughout is actually wonderful. Hard to believe that 3 or 4 years later, Rumours would come out under the same masthead.

I just realized that I don't own Then Play On by Fleetwood Mac & I rectified the situation like 30 seconds later. iTunes store instant gratification. I saw Los Lobos a few years back & they played Rattlesnake Shake & I've been trying to figure out where I heard that ever since. Victory at last!

Over the years, I've posted a lot of songs to music dot metafilter, a sadly negected corner of that site. Here's one for of my old high school band Avatar, written in 1979 when we were 16, recorded in 1986 at Congress House studio.

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