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The daughter & I went to San Antonio last night to catch the Steven Wilson show at the Aztec & it was incredible. So good to have her home for a few days. We have our best conversations in the car, listening to music, talking about space, music, politics, whatever, & her gently ribbing me about how she ever survived early childhood. There were a few miracles. Anyway, it was a great show & a great day. I survived a long-ass year for that moment.

For the weekday crowd: New Carbon 7 (3.5 hours-worth) here:

and here:

Any sales go towards hosting and/or tacos & beer/fizzy water and/or my monthly donations to Octodon and/or MetaFilter.

finally, after much hullabaloo, wiling & gnashing of teeth, I've managed to get the new carbon 7 dual albums Ultraviolet & Infrared up on Bandcamp. All proceeds go towards hosting, beer & tacos, so chip in today!

So many typos here I don’t know where to begin. Good morning. Coffee plz

So Fleetwood Mac’s Then Play On is a deeply weird, erratic & wonderful album. Immediately top-of-the-heap tracks are of course Oh Well pts. 1 & 2 and also Rattlesnake Shake & Like Crying. Others will reveal themselves of future listens, as there’s lots of great stuff here. The crazy amount of type compression on the drums throughout is actually wonderful. Hard to believe that 3 or 4 years later, Rumours would come out under the same masthead.

I just realized that I don't own Then Play On by Fleetwood Mac & I rectified the situation like 30 seconds later. iTunes store instant gratification. I saw Los Lobos a few years back & they played Rattlesnake Shake & I've been trying to figure out where I heard that ever since. Victory at last!

Over the years, I've posted a lot of songs to music dot metafilter, a sadly negected corner of that site. Here's one for of my old high school band Avatar, written in 1979 when we were 16, recorded in 1986 at Congress House studio.

I’d probably cut a basic Fender bridge in half & use 1 side of a 2-piece Precision pickup. Need to figure out the neck, though. 2-strings wide would be too small. So full width, with the 2 strings down the middle? I gotta workshop this some more.

I had an idea for a bass, while cutting a track the other day. I promised the producer that I’d keep a particular song to the first 2 strings, then later, I thought to myself: “Self? why not make a 2-sting bass?”

Discussed it with my drummer at rehearsal & decided it should only have an E string, an A string & 9 frets. It would be called the Bass-ic.

I may push ahead with this idea.

Sold 2 more Carbon 7 albums on Bandcamp last night. It’s always such a pleasant surprise to get those emails. I’m about making enough on Bandcamp to pay for hosting I need to bring Dennis & Ron some tacos as their “points” the next time we get together.

I say this as a cis dude. Using another person's proper pronouns costs us _nothing_. It's just common courtesy.

Refusing to do so just makes you an asshole. The math isn't complicated on this one.

Little Bigtooth will be entering its 5th spring here at the ranch next March. It only grows about 6-8 inches a year. Bigtooth maples are native to Texas and very hardy - drought & disease resistant & happy in rocky soil. More people should plant them

We would prefer that you listen to the LIVE stream of course!!! 😝💦

Mastodon is NOT a retreat from twitter. Mastodon is an advance, a united front, AGAINST twitter. :birdsite:

probably not the hottest take 

Oh hey, there’s 3.5 hours of new Carbon 7 music up on our site as of Sunday night. I’m really happy with the these mixes & I’m still in awe of the fact that I’m in a band with these 2 wizards:

What if clams really just aren’t all that happy?

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