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Oh hey, there’s 3.5 hours of new Carbon 7 music up on our site as of Sunday night. I’m really happy with the these mixes & I’m still in awe of the fact that I’m in a band with these 2 wizards:

What if clams really just aren’t all that happy?

This damn Jeff Buckley album has its hooks in me again - been stuck on it for a couple of days, now. This happens a couple times a year. I’ve never has an album affect me emotionally like this one.

Plus, figuring out how to do this without letting my current employer know I’m looking is going to be delicate. I really want to have something lined up so I can just give notice & go, seamlessly. I really don’t want him negotiating with me to stay.

Looking for a new job because the one I have stresses me out, but now that I’m down to printing resumes & hoping to set up interviews, I’m encountering a while new type of anxiety. Unemployment in Austin is 2.5% - EVERYONE is hiring, but I’m letting the doubt creep in.

Ugh, foggy slow, anxious morning because I got in bed at 10 but laid here awake until 12:30 when I realized I’d forgotten my meds which I should have taken 9-ish. Things to do today & bluh.

In a fit of "inspiration," I slapped togehter some cover art so I could upload this 2013 Carbon 7 album to bandcamp:

Somewhat mellow & coherent, this is one of my 2 or 3 faves all the way through.

Logic updated to 10.4.2 which is what I was really after, & it's working. I had updated the Macbook & when I record on it remotely, sessions were not happy in the older version on my tower. Now off to run the Adobe CC updates...

It is dicey! I get a bright red log-in screen that's a tad worrisome, & a security update just failed & I had to use the patcher tool again & force-rebuild the caches to get out of a blank grey screen. Ugh. Working for the moment - no more security updates, I guess...

As a Native American I'm still here. I am strong. I'm not a mythological fairy tale character. I will speak/write my native language when my ancestors were forbidden. I will not be stopped. I'm a descendant of survivors from the largest genocide in the world. I'm a generational curse breaker. I refuse 2 be white washed. I refuse 2 celebrate Thanksgiving, 4th of July, or Columbus Day. I refuse 2 be apart of organized religion. I will 4ever defend tribal sovereignty, treaties, & natural resources.

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Here's the deal - I've got 7 hard drives in this thing -- 2 SSD boot drives, a Raid 0 for storage & 3 backup drives of same. I like my scheme. There's nothing Apple has offered since the cheese grater Mac Pro's that doesn't make migrating all this a complete royal PITA.

4 days off (woooo!) -- Weekend poject: After looking through new & used Apple desktop options, I've decided to stick with my 2008 Mac Pro for as long as I can. Going to run the High Sierra Patcher on my bot drive & see if I can update this thing from El Capitan so I can run the newest Logic & Adobe stuff. I figure I'll buy a couple years if it works. Step 1: Procure a suitable but affordable USB drive. Looks like I'm going shopping tomorrow with the masses.

Mars is right next to the half moon tonight & you can really see how red Mars is by comparison. If you’ve got a clear sky, you should check this out.

Alright, here's Track 2 (as yet untitled) from the Carbon 7 album Infrared. Recorded live, August 14th 2018. Wholly improvisational. Dennis & I neatly divide time & frequencies into even pieces while Ron distorts the fabric of the universe.

You heard it here first on Mastodon!

As a Canadian speaking to Americans
oh my god
I don't care what kind of excuses you've got

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