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Wow, I have passed the thousand-Oot! mark!
I guess even though I have stretched where I'm quiet, I'm here to stay.

Alright, here's Track 2 (as yet untitled) from the Carbon 7 album Infrared. Recorded live, August 14th 2018. Wholly improvisational. Dennis & I neatly divide time & frequencies into even pieces while Ron distorts the fabric of the universe.

You heard it here first on Mastodon!

Ok, I am, at long last, calling the first on these two new Carbon 7 albums FINAL. Lord, don’t let there be a FINAL.FINAL. Lost 3 weeks to a head cold, but I can hear again. Calling this session Infrared & the one from 3 days later will be Ultraviolet. They’re “dual albums,” recorded live on a Tuesday & a Friday in mid-August.

If these bounces will finish before bed time, I might get a sample up tonight.

Now I need some more song titles and album art.

Wtf is it with November? Suddenly everyone has to grow facial hair, stop masturbating, and write a novel? Is it just that the year has gone on for SO LONG that there's nothing else for it but to become 17th century ascetic Puritan authors? Can't we just, you know, have a normal month?

kinda sad that "timeline in chronological order" is a selling point for a platform at this point

Is it just me, or when you take a pair of tongs out of the kitchen utility instrument drawer, do you just have to tap the tips together a couple times on the way to the stove?

Seriously though, like Beto says, vote like your life depended on it - because it does!

Warning: selfie, old white guy. 

Last Sunday I took a whole roll of Fuji Velvia in the morning light at the Blanco TX cemetery. Mostly headstones from 1875-1905. I have taken the film out of the camera & put it in my bag! Let’s see if it makes it to the lab tomorrow.

Just turned around from my desk & thought this was a pretty nice view:

the second hardest thing about songwriting is naming albums. the third hardest is paying rent

I should rifle through my winter clothes & see if I can find any cash.

National album day? I’m not a Brit, but I can get behind that. Off the top of my head today:
Jeff Buckley, Grace
David Bowie, Scary Monsters
Allman Bros, Live at the Fillmore East
Steven Wilson, Insurgentes
Jethro Tull, Thick as a Brick

This list will change hourly with my mood, of course.

My ears are finally clear enough to mix for the first time since late September. Lingering head colds really suck, but I’m back on the Carbon 7 wagon. Also working over some cover art concepts so I can get some previous releases up on Bandcamp.

I’m going to start a political party called the Peace & Quiet Party. When I hold rallies and people cheer, I’ll tell them to shut the hell up & give me some damn peace & quiet.

I took a picture yesterday but I’m too damn tired to get it out of my camera. I might break 60 hours this week even if I don’t Saturday.

But check it: I was in a minor fender- bender a couple weeks ago, & I polished off my front bumper, which was already missing the lower cross-piece, & rather scuffed up from parking abutments & curbs, & kinda hanging on, & the body shop managed to source a brand new one. I thought for sure it would be a junkyard part. My 2002 car looks like I just drove it off the lot. I love this little car -- I'm gonna keep it.

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