@gotanda How could you just... throw out... a bass? 😞 Glad you saved it!

@IanCykowski That seems pretty radical to me. Tides on the gulf of Mexico are 3 or 4 feet at most.

@June Best use of alt text I’ve seen on masto yet. 😄

@IanCykowski How high is the tide there? Looks like it’s pretty extreme. I we blown away by the 10-foot tides at the Liverpool waterfront docks.

@gotanda in the trash? That’s crazy. Might have been stolen by someone who realized it wasn’t worth much when they opened the bag. You might at least check around.

I say this as a cis dude. Using another person's proper pronouns costs us _nothing_. It's just common courtesy.

Refusing to do so just makes you an asshole. The math isn't complicated on this one.

Little Bigtooth will be entering its 5th spring here at the ranch next March. It only grows about 6-8 inches a year. Bigtooth maples are native to Texas and very hardy - drought & disease resistant & happy in rocky soil. More people should plant them

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@IanCykowski @sohkamyung This whole series is fantastic & the expository text is greatly appreciated. I made 1quick trip to Liverpool 4 years ago & just got a small taste of Britain. Would love to see Wales.

We would prefer that you listen to the LIVE stream of course!!! 😝💦


@Alonealastalovedalongthe @maher improv, damn spell-fucker. All the Carbon 7 stuff is created on the spot. At most we discuss a key and maybe a mood.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @maher I’ve got 7 albums of improve space jazz/rock up, so far, with a couple more coming in the next couple weeks. carbon7.bandcamp.com

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@June I have huge respect for fire & Ive learned to move fast when I see a small one. Caught a stock pot w. oil in it on fire a few years ago and somehow had the snap to grab the hot pads & hightail it out the back door with the thing & let it burn itself out in the driveway. (I got distracted in a group chat & forgot I was about to sauté vegetables) Computers were a mistake.

Mastodon is NOT a retreat from twitter. Mastodon is an advance, a united front, AGAINST twitter. :birdsite:

@June Not as bad as when you try to put out a fire & realize you’re a disgrace to your species. 😄 I do know how to run out of a burning building, though! (Yes, there’s a back-story: art-wear.org/blog/?p=241 )

@Altruest Hey, my granny was a cool lady & I bet yours was too. The sweater is alright.

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