I always think “Oh, rice will just take 5 minutes,” forgetting to take into account the 10 minutes it takes to find the measuring cup.

@InvaderXan @CobaltVelvet

FTBA? acronyms.thefreedictionary.com

Florida Thai Boxing Association?

Full Time Before and After school?

Forster Tuncurry Bodyboard Association?

Chumps. They’ve been chumped by T***p.

It’s Productivity Saturday! I’ve meditated! I’ve showered! I’m dressed & put on a nice shirt! And now I’m gonna... lay back down for a while.

I’m eating a pretty good apple while cooking dinner. I forget about them sometimes. Friends- don’t forget apples.

@oranje Yeah, pretty sick of being cooped up, but saving money & carrying on. How about you?

@oranje I am a relatively accomplished bass player. The guitar is more different from the bass than you might think. 😄

I borrowed a guitar & am haphazardly trying to learn to play this little toy. Finessing these tiny strings is harder than it looks. Hoping for lessons when *all this* passes next fall maybe?

@Mainebot a lot of it’s clutter. I honestly haven’t been able to make it a priority, under the “current circumstances.” I have a culling every 6 months our so.

@Mainebot piling them n heaps is my filing system (added level of complication - the file cabinet now resides in the spare bedroom)

@Mainebot This is what it looked like for approximately 1 day until I started piling the paper back on it.

@Mainebot we pulled the whole family room out & re-did the floor. In the process of re-wiring, I managed to reduce the power-strip total from 5 to 3, which is about the most significant thing I’ve accomplished in 2020.

@Mainebot I replaced my entire desk in February but then I put all my same old shit right back on it.

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