@oranje Good - have more gigs on the books than I’vehad in a while, which makes me happy. New job is pretty even-keel, so far, though I’m sussing out the difficult people.

@oranje You got someone who can refresh your resume? Sounds like it’s time.


more mutterings about Mac screensavers 

@generica Yeah, it affected my whole week. I’ve read it a couple times.

@oranje I severely needed the exercise! I’m home now & rehydrating.

Ha, putting your money where your mouth is means digging ditches in Texas caliche all morning. I hope my kidneys survive- I’m sweating out all the fluids.

Here’s a wonderful blog post from an ex-Mefite about the meaning of community: middleclasstool.com/blog/2019/

Cavers are my community & the closest thing I have to brothers & sisters.

Coffee time. Going to help a friend upgrade the living space he’s made available for another elderly, frail friend who had to leave his land in the country because he couldn’t live alone. No real family- cavers are his de facto family & he’s being cared for well by them in his last months. This is a strong community. This guy pretty much taught me mutli flash cave photography 25 years ago.

Goofing around with Prisma - this is the floor at work, where I am waiting for ink to dry. Exciting!

I don't know what this site is, but I'm flattered that they used one of my photos in their article, even though it's not even in the state they say it's in:


More pics from Oakwood Cemetery in Austin. Mostly shot black & whit film, which is off being developed


@DistroJunkie@fosstodon.org Playing is pretty much always better than not playing. David Spann is one hell of a guitarist.

@DistroJunkie@fosstodon.org played 2 gigs, one more on the books for late July. Money’s not great, but it’s more than nothing & I’m in good practice again for the first time in a couple of years. I’m working on learning new songs every day.

@DistroJunkie@fosstodon.org This place is clean & organized, & they have rules. Last job was law of the jungle. My old boss liked to hire felons because they’d be slow to quit, since finding another job was hard. We nearly had fistfights in production every week. So glad to be out of there.

Big music listener, not much of a movie watcher. We watched Cool Hand Luke for the first time in years last night & I just caught that John Melloncamp totally ripped a line of dialogue from it for Scarecrow.

“Sorry, Luke - it’s just my job. I hope you understand.”
“Callin’ it your job don’t make it right, boss.”

New day, new job, new band, new gigs, change is everywhere & it all seems good right now.

I don’t have a picture to add, but the bread went really well with the beef stew I made today. Nice to have a long enough weekend to actually cook.

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