@generica Fuck that guy. I turn around magazines in the checkout rack that have the awful faces on them.



Mind Field is a Carbon 7 song that I think is one of our best.

Listen for free here: carbon7.net/12-1-12_MP3/5_Mind

feel free to donate through PayPal through our site.

Also, and/or Purchase the album or songs here: (support independent artists!!) carbon7.bandcamp.com/album/lon

So I’ve been having range issues with my Bluetooth mouse & my MBP since forever, & it finally occurred to me to google it(duck duck go it) this morning, & the first suggestion I came across was to remove the battery cover from the bottom. Bam. Wish I’d looked this up 3 years ago. 🤦🏻‍♂️

@oranje Good - have more gigs on the books than I’vehad in a while, which makes me happy. New job is pretty even-keel, so far, though I’m sussing out the difficult people.

@oranje You got someone who can refresh your resume? Sounds like it’s time.


@applebaps@anarchism.space @joshmillard amazing, amazing. Music toot of the year. Three thumbs up.

more mutterings about Mac screensavers 

@generica Yeah, it affected my whole week. I’ve read it a couple times.

@oranje I severely needed the exercise! I’m home now & rehydrating.

Ha, putting your money where your mouth is means digging ditches in Texas caliche all morning. I hope my kidneys survive- I’m sweating out all the fluids.

Here’s a wonderful blog post from an ex-Mefite about the meaning of community: middleclasstool.com/blog/2019/

Cavers are my community & the closest thing I have to brothers & sisters.

Coffee time. Going to help a friend upgrade the living space he’s made available for another elderly, frail friend who had to leave his land in the country because he couldn’t live alone. No real family- cavers are his de facto family & he’s being cared for well by them in his last months. This is a strong community. This guy pretty much taught me mutli flash cave photography 25 years ago.

Goofing around with Prisma - this is the floor at work, where I am waiting for ink to dry. Exciting!

I don't know what this site is, but I'm flattered that they used one of my photos in their article, even though it's not even in the state they say it's in:


More pics from Oakwood Cemetery in Austin. Mostly shot black & whit film, which is off being developed


@DistroJunkie@fosstodon.org Playing is pretty much always better than not playing. David Spann is one hell of a guitarist.

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