I am now four Brautigan books into this reading spree & it’s all every bit as wonderful as I remembered it.

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@DistroJunkie Been working super-hard & am trying to learn 13 David Spann songs for a gig in June, so I’ve been laying low. Filling in for Kyle Brock - kind of intimidating. Would love to meet up, though.

@DistroJunkie Yeah, named after the book. I’ve never heard any of their music, though.

Trout Fishing in America is a very strange and wonderful book.

Still here, re-reading a bunch of Brautigan because it reminds me of hone.

@jannamark @checkervest I had to bury 1’ x 1’ x 2’ limestone blocks along my fence line to keep our shepherd in. My lab wouldn’t DREAM of breaking THE RULES even if the gate gets left open. He’ll stand at the threshold & just look out.

I just found a roll of Tri-X & a roll of Velvia digging through my camera bag. I intend to shoot it all. Taking the D7100 too If course- it holds 1200 RAW files.

I’m going to the Oregon coast for a week & I have 4 rolls of Ilford HP5 ready for action. I’m actually hoping the weather’s terrible so there’s some waves. Cape Perpetua is calling.

@Excuse_haver @streetvalkyrie @mooncalf Chu-Virr-Ches is not too melodious of a band name - I always wondered, but hey, we’ve been out of band names since The Clash.

Anyway, shovel cheese is what you do with it.

@Laurelai It’s pretty crazy that being anti-Nazi & anti white-nationalist violence is considered radical in this day & age, but if that’s the deal, then I’m still a radical.

@Are0h I was just old enough as a kid in SF to understand what the Panthers were doing in Oakland & why, when they armed themselves for defense. White america freaked the fuck out, but the Black Panther party was not wrong in recognizing the problem & identifying the most immediate solution.

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Added a USB 3.0 card to my Mac Pro. Chock full o’drives. Boot SSD on a SATA III PCIe card, 10.6.8 boot drive on SSD card in slot 4, 1 tb storage in slot 3 , 4 tb RAID 0 storage in slots 1 & 2. Not visible - 2 more backup drives in empty space above DVD drive. Love this thing, even if it’s stuck at High Sierra.

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