@anthracite Hurray! Got my 2nd shot last Monday. Went & did some outside things this weekend. Slowly stepping back into the world & trying to figure out how to step away from work just a bit to make up for lost time.

@Tay0 just hanging around waiting for a vaccine. Glad to read about the grad skid!

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@rabbithearth @brownpau They’ve been my hosting service of choice for nearly 10 years. They don’t act friendly & helpful on the surface, but they really are. They don’t have a dashboard, so some stuff has to be done via CLI, but they have copious FAQs about same for amateurs like me. Very secure, very solid. Great folks!

This is Archibald. He has begun making appearances in unusual places around the house. Whoever finds him is responsible for picking the next thing for Archibald to do.


@ItsTheManOnTheMoon I really need to try this. The last 9 months have cooked my brain.

@Tay0 Just laying low, waiting for the storms to blow over. Finally have a week off work for the first time since March 2019. Resting! How are you?

Play this. Play this through headphones. Close your eyes and play this loud.


I just got called “gramps” by someone on the internet. You know what? My granddaughter is a pretty freaking cool little person.

@oranje@cybre.space Tired all the time is the theme, yeah.

@oranje@cybre.space Doing ok. Still have plenty of work, I miss gigging & going outdoors terribly, but keeping in good spirits. All those years of procrastination are paying off in that I have tons of projects still. Hope you’re ok.

I am 57 years old and just spelled aisle right without having to look it up for the first time in my life.

I always think “Oh, rice will just take 5 minutes,” forgetting to take into account the 10 minutes it takes to find the measuring cup.

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