@jond I think all of the Ford Mavericks are in this yard. I haven’t seen one on the road in 10 years.

if you ask me, Achilles' Achilles Heel was his heel

Went to a party & there was a jam session on the patio. I played 3 songs, then Kyle Brock (!) played, & he didn’t have a bass with him so he played mine. It Has Been Anointed! Seriously, Kyle is great - he’s toured with Eric Johnson most of the last 20 years.

@Tayo @randynose yeah, had friends that dj’d there. I thought no they “merged” with Koop a while back.

@randynose @Tayo Yeah, I had a lot of cassettes. Used to stay up late & tape the local New Wave radio show, too. Found lots of great music that way.

@randynose @Tayo Honestly, my favorite Floyd is still Animals, but yeah, I threw down about 5 hours of 1979 wages for the double vinyl.

@Tayo I should have threaded that - it was a reference to the over-loud “pea-soup” hi-hat part in The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzie.

@t54r4n1 @Iuckyduck Told 'em you were livin' downtown
Drivin' all the old men crazy

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1. Private school
2. Legacy Ivy admission
3. Nepotism hire
4. Seed capital from family
5. Club memberships
6. Personal assistant, nanny, ghost writer
7. Journalists who ask, "What's your secret?" and uncritically publish the answer

Here’s a rough mix (w. scratch fox) of a song I co-wrote 25 years ago, that is perhaps being resurrected & finished at long last: music.metafilter.com/8730/Fire

@Tayo @randynose Oh lord, we are old. Trying to not think about it too much - I’m still 17 up here in my head 😄

@Tayo No, lingering head cold. Mucinex, Flonase, ibuprofen & Benadryl are barely keeping it at bay. Each day I’m 5% better, but it’s slow going. A lot of people around here have had it.

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