Lockdown & anxiety = all day to worry. I need structure.

@Tayo Busy! Tired. Trying to keep up, the usual. It’s going good. I forgot Mastodon existed for a couple weeks.

It’s been a while- so here I am with my granddaughter- she was drumming on me which I apparently found hilarious. She’s a pretty happy little kid.

@jond I think all of the Ford Mavericks are in this yard. I haven’t seen one on the road in 10 years.

if you ask me, Achilles' Achilles Heel was his heel

Went to a party & there was a jam session on the patio. I played 3 songs, then Kyle Brock (!) played, & he didn’t have a bass with him so he played mine. It Has Been Anointed! Seriously, Kyle is great - he’s toured with Eric Johnson most of the last 20 years.

@Tayo @randynose yeah, had friends that dj’d there. I thought no they “merged” with Koop a while back.

@randynose @Tayo Yeah, I had a lot of cassettes. Used to stay up late & tape the local New Wave radio show, too. Found lots of great music that way.

@randynose @Tayo Honestly, my favorite Floyd is still Animals, but yeah, I threw down about 5 hours of 1979 wages for the double vinyl.

@Tayo I should have threaded that - it was a reference to the over-loud “pea-soup” hi-hat part in The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzie.

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