Life’s not too exciting, but I just got back from the vet for doggo’s annual & he’s healthy & happy to be home. 11 years since I rescued him & he’s just the best.

Lunar Elipse from Austin, about 5 minutes into totality. There was a light haze but I got a couple decent shots.

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Just turned around from my desk & thought this was a pretty nice view:

But check it: I was in a minor fender- bender a couple weeks ago, & I polished off my front bumper, which was already missing the lower cross-piece, & rather scuffed up from parking abutments & curbs, & kinda hanging on, & the body shop managed to source a brand new one. I thought for sure it would be a junkyard part. My 2002 car looks like I just drove it off the lot. I love this little car -- I'm gonna keep it.

The monk parakeets are beginning to outnumber the pigeons in Austin. One of the few things I still like about this place.

This book on St. Augustine is an interminable thing, and I feel like I'm learning (not that it's a bad thing) more about the roman empire in N. Africa than I am about St. Augusine himself, so far. I'm almost halfway done & keep dozing off. I started it on vacation in JUNE.

Finally got done processing my black & white film shots of the Davis Mountains from last June:

More here:

I didn’t set it up with a black plate because we’re doing black shirts this year. Came out pretty well.

You know you’ve got your CMY balanced pretty well when there’s no black ink in the print & you get this;

Anyway. Dinner! Carnitas in hatch green chili sauce. Marinated & grilled the meat before stewing it for an hour. The sauce was store-bought, but I added sautéed onions & poblano & it came out just like I pictured it in my head.

I dug through my hard drive last weekend & realized I’d never publicly posted most of my photos form our trip ni Hoya de las Guaguas, in SLP, Mexico from 1995. Here’s the best of the bunch: Oscar rappelling the 666 foot entrance drop:

The rest of them are in this album on Flickr:

I want to become the Johnny Appleseed of the bigtooth maple. They’re wonderful trees native to Texas that are very hardy & disease/pest resistant. Here’s mine last fall, this spring (it’s 4 this year)& a new one I bought for a friend.

Cascadas de Tamul, Mexico, 1995. Believe it or not, there's a person in this for scale, just to the right of the river.

The rest of the album is here:

"Found" (buried in Lightroom) a roll of film from 2012 that I'd never put on line. Here's the view from the McDonald observatory looking east, towards Fort Davis, Texas.

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