Went to a party & there was a jam session on the patio. I played 3 songs, then Kyle Brock (!) played, & he didn’t have a bass with him so he played mine. It Has Been Anointed! Seriously, Kyle is great - he’s toured with Eric Johnson most of the last 20 years.

Goofing around with Prisma - this is the floor at work, where I am waiting for ink to dry. Exciting!

I made bread! It’s a little yeasty, but it’s not too crumbly or gooey in the middle like the last recipe I tried.


Added a USB 3.0 card to my Mac Pro. Chock full o’drives. Boot SSD on a SATA III PCIe card, 10.6.8 boot drive on SSD card in slot 4, 1 tb storage in slot 3 , 4 tb RAID 0 storage in slots 1 & 2. Not visible - 2 more backup drives in empty space above DVD drive. Love this thing, even if it’s stuck at High Sierra.

This is the kind of photography I’ve been focusing on lately- black & white film.

Mayfield park in Austin.

Ok web browsing on this thing might be wonky now, but these late-gen PB G4.’s were some sturdy hardware. I still like this keyboard a lot.

Did I post this already? It’s from the Blanco TX cemetery last October.

#35 mm

Life’s not too exciting, but I just got back from the vet for doggo’s annual & he’s healthy & happy to be home. 11 years since I rescued him & he’s just the best.

Lunar Elipse from Austin, about 5 minutes into totality. There was a light haze but I got a couple decent shots.

Warning: selfie, old white guy. 

Just turned around from my desk & thought this was a pretty nice view:

But check it: I was in a minor fender- bender a couple weeks ago, & I polished off my front bumper, which was already missing the lower cross-piece, & rather scuffed up from parking abutments & curbs, & kinda hanging on, & the body shop managed to source a brand new one. I thought for sure it would be a junkyard part. My 2002 car looks like I just drove it off the lot. I love this little car -- I'm gonna keep it.

The monk parakeets are beginning to outnumber the pigeons in Austin. One of the few things I still like about this place.

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