I borrowed a guitar & am haphazardly trying to learn to play this little toy. Finessing these tiny strings is harder than it looks. Hoping for lessons when *all this* passes next fall maybe?

I knew you in high school and you were quite the accomplished musician in your teens. I imagine, with time, you can master any instrument you set your mind to.

Hope things are well with you and yours.

@oranje I am a relatively accomplished bass player. The guitar is more different from the bass than you might think. 😄

I've played both and I'm nowhere near the musician you are. You can do it. It's probably easier to play guitar and move to bass than the reverse but you can do it.

When I was in the military, we had C&W band on our base, comprised of service members. Service members come and go and they needed a bass player. So, ala Phil Lesh, I was given a bass & book on how to play base and soon, banging out base runs on George Strait songs.

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