Trout Fishing in America is a very strange and wonderful book.

@DistroJunkie Yeah, named after the book. I’ve never heard any of their music, though.

Just checked them out. Not my thing. Probably not yours either from what I know of your musical tastes.

So, don't hear much from you lately. Things going well? One of these days when I'm in Austin, I'd like to get together and catch up.

@DistroJunkie Been working super-hard & am trying to learn 13 David Spann songs for a gig in June, so I’ve been laying low. Filling in for Kyle Brock - kind of intimidating. Would love to meet up, though.

@Devils_Rancher I can see why that's intimidating but how cool to get that call. I have faith you'll do well. You were an extremely accomplished bass player in your teens. There's a reason they called you. Good luck.

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