Life’s not too exciting, but I just got back from the vet for doggo’s annual & he’s healthy & happy to be home. 11 years since I rescued him & he’s just the best.

@Devils_Rancher Haven't heard from you in a while. Did you ever find a new employment situation?

@DistroJunkie No, still trudging along. Throwing money in savings so I have a couple month’s salary if I have to walk without a plan. I have this job as long as I want it, but I’m just stressed by it. Honestly haven’t cast too wide of a net.

@Devils_Rancher I was hoping you were quiet because of the upheaval new employment brings to ones life.

@DistroJunkie Been quiet because I’m trying to get ahold of my sleep hygiene so I can feel less stressed & that’s helping. Less on-line time in general, also been practicing my ass off- trying to land some new gigs. Possible album session in the works.

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