Ok, so - since astronomers know the dates of eclipses pretty far in advance, could they not schedule them on evenings with clear skies? Seriously, do I have to do everything?

@Devils_Rancher Clear skies we had, but also -20C temps. Admittedly I could have just looked over my head out the window as it faces south, but we were asleep.

@photopuck I paid for it at work today - 5:30 came awfully early - but it was worth it.

@Devils_Rancher We just need to get the astronomers and the meteorologists to coordinate better

@mbrubeck God, I’d hate to be a meteorologist. Can you imagine studying for years in college & doing your level best but still being wrong half the time? It would be dispiriting.

@mbrubeck @Devils_Rancher the problem is that the meteorologists and astronomers have been feuding ever since a party in 1954, when some astronomer who had a little too much to drink said something about "those imprecise loafs don't even do anything with meteors" and then some drunk metrologist made a crack about "assholetronomers" and some else hit someone over the head with a hygrometer and, well, an hour later the cops had to be called. They haven't spoken to each other since.

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