I was REALLY looking forward to this lunar eclipse & it clouded up here this afternoon.

As my daughter would say, I have a sad.

It's cloudy here too, but so extremely windy, I'm hoping it'll be good in three hours

@nobody The clouds are high & thin- I can see the fuzzy moon through them, but I really wanted to get some pictures. Maybe it’ll poke through a hole for a bit.

@nobody it hasn’t cleared off all the way here but it’s in & out of a thin haze enough to see so I am sitting in my driveway, cold but happy, about 2/3’s of the way to totality.

We lucked out here and had a grand old time marvelling at the crystal clear sky. Hours later, my bones are still cold.

@nobody Ok, it's actually pretty funny when you follow a user named nobody, & when they favorite a toot, your notifications literally say "nobody favorited your status."

At first I looked at it like "why would you tell me that? It's kinda negging me."

If somebody named Polyphemus ever joins, nobody will be very happy

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