The daughter & I went to San Antonio last night to catch the Steven Wilson show at the Aztec & it was incredible. So good to have her home for a few days. We have our best conversations in the car, listening to music, talking about space, music, politics, whatever, & her gently ribbing me about how she ever survived early childhood. There were a few miracles. Anyway, it was a great show & a great day. I survived a long-ass year for that moment.


Essentially, my daughter is my best friend in the world.

@Devils_Rancher Not many of us get to call our daughter the spaceship builder. That's pretty freaking special. I'm glad you have that.

@DistroJunkie I can’t wait for the launch- she’s extremely skeptical about the SLS though. They may have 3 crew modules built before they launch the first one.

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