Over the years, I've posted a lot of songs to music dot metafilter, a sadly negected corner of that site. Here's one for @DistroJunkie of my old high school band Avatar, written in 1979 when we were 16, recorded in 1986 at Congress House studio.

You may have played this at my 18th birthday party at Anthony's house. I remember a girl from high school who's nickname was Beaver handing out flyers she'd made for the party. She told me you were gonna bring your band and I didn't really believe it until y'all showed up. It was quite the party. My first wife was a freshman that year and told me they were still talking about that party at Travis years later.

@DistroJunkie Beaver was one of the ones that got away. We dated for about a year. Way out of my league. Last saw her at Xalapeño Charlie’s in ‘83. Can’t find her anywhere online.

@Devils_Rancher I had no idea you two dated. She was a truly neat person, very different from her sister who was also in our advisory.

@DistroJunkie Georgia. She was cool too. They didn’t look like they were even from the same parents.

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