I had an idea for a bass, while cutting a track the other day. I promised the producer that I’d keep a particular song to the first 2 strings, then later, I thought to myself: “Self? why not make a 2-sting bass?”

Discussed it with my drummer at rehearsal & decided it should only have an E string, an A string & 9 frets. It would be called the Bass-ic.

I may push ahead with this idea.

I’d probably cut a basic Fender bridge in half & use 1 side of a 2-piece Precision pickup. Need to figure out the neck, though. 2-strings wide would be too small. So full width, with the 2 strings down the middle? I gotta workshop this some more.

@fobo I am now motivated to get a slide. It could be even more out of tune than my fretless. 😄

@fobo any idea what make that is? The headstock looks like a Hagstrom, but I can’t make out the logo. I have a Hagstrom in pieces in my closet that really needs to be put back together.

@Devils_Rancher i have no idea. I looked into it once and it seemed like a pawn shop special kinda thing. I've never tried slide bass, but man what a sound he had.

@fobo I may be unleashing slide bass on the world the next time Carbon 7 records.


I think it would probably be funnier if you got a bass and sliced the whole thing in half. Then you have two Half-Basses!

@anthracite Ha, I could put a board between them & have a double-neck half-bass.


Put a couple of little poles in between so there is a very definite GAP between them.

@Devils_Rancher Sounds like you're all about that bass!

... I'll show myself out.

@Devils_Rancher Two strings worked pretty well for Chris Ballew in Presidents of the United States!

@banjo Interesting- he’s using the 2 middle strings, also tuned up a major 3rd, so a higher register. I want just the E & A strings, to remove the temptation to overplay on songs that need just roots.

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