This damn Jeff Buckley album has its hooks in me again - been stuck on it for a couple of days, now. This happens a couple times a year. I’ve never has an album affect me emotionally like this one.

@generica I’m in awe of its ability to immediately make me wistful & lonely. If I’m already down, it’s the most awesome chasm to wallow in. It’s like sonic velvet.


He was able to use his voice in a unique way. His dad was a similar character, singer who died young. Weird genius family.

@generica I need to dig up some Tim Buckley. So much music, so little time...


WOW, I never saw this before. You can totally see Jeff in voice and style here. Played on the Monkey's show of all places lol.

@generica Wow that’s crazy - was just reading through Jeff Buckley’s bio on wiki & they apparently only me once when he was 8. Interesting what got passed down.

@generica Kevin Gilbert came & went in a similar style, but he left behind a little more work.


Lastly: A lot of the people try to emulate his style these days. I like it.

@generica Andy Wallace did a hell of a thing with it too. What an incredible mix. Oh, and for an kinda proggish guitar oriented record, it blows my mind that there’s not one single guitar solo on it at all. Took me years to even notice that.

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