4 days off (woooo!) -- Weekend poject: After looking through new & used Apple desktop options, I've decided to stick with my 2008 Mac Pro for as long as I can. Going to run the High Sierra Patcher on my bot drive & see if I can update this thing from El Capitan so I can run the newest Logic & Adobe stuff. I figure I'll buy a couple years if it works. Step 1: Procure a suitable but affordable USB drive. Looks like I'm going shopping tomorrow with the masses.


Recycling sounds great. Shopping tomorrow sounds scary

@generica Yeah, Best buy is probably my option, here. I figure if I bee-line my target get it get out, it won't be the end of the world. I want to do this early so I have the weekend to restore if it fails. Making several various different backups now.


It'll be ok. The black friday hype isn't as great this year somehow. Sounds like a good project for a long weekend. My son has a 5 year old mac book pro that is still going strong.

@generica This machine still has lots of Oomph. 8 cpus & 22 gig of RAM - it's gotten left behind by Apple for no real good reason. I have a 2102 non-retina MBP that also chugging along quite nicely. I replaced the DVD drive with an SSD & it's great.

Here's the deal - I've got 7 hard drives in this thing -- 2 SSD boot drives, a Raid 0 for storage & 3 backup drives of same. I like my scheme. There's nothing Apple has offered since the cheese grater Mac Pro's that doesn't make migrating all this a complete royal PITA.

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