Ok, I am, at long last, calling the first on these two new Carbon 7 albums FINAL. Lord, don’t let there be a FINAL.FINAL. Lost 3 weeks to a head cold, but I can hear again. Calling this session Infrared & the one from 3 days later will be Ultraviolet. They’re “dual albums,” recorded live on a Tuesday & a Friday in mid-August.

If these bounces will finish before bed time, I might get a sample up tonight.

Now I need some more song titles and album art.


Alright, here's Track 2 (as yet untitled) from the Carbon 7 album Infrared. Recorded live, August 14th 2018. Wholly improvisational. Dennis & I neatly divide time & frequencies into even pieces while Ron distorts the fabric of the universe.


You heard it here first on Mastodon!

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