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Chris Vreeland

Oh man, put on Steely Dan’s Do It Again, tune out the guitars & vocals, & focus on Becker’s bass part. Even the simplest Dan song in incredibly complex underneath. His gradual movement across the verses is some strong work.

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And that, friends, is why we have a towel in our frying pan at all times.

I dunno if you care about sportsball, but Kawhi Leonard is finally back from injury & making his first start of the season for the Spurs tonight. They’ve been playing pretty well without him, & I am now anticipating a freight train through the league if he’s back in form & Aldridge remains aggressive.

Also, Duck Duck Go is the shit. Google-free since 2015.

Oh hey, day 5 caffeine free, & I really think it’s having a positive effect on my anxiety. Mornings are rough & I was in an inexplicably foul mood yesterday afternoon but I’m gonna stick this out for a while. I have now quit every drug there ever was, except heroin. (Which I never actually started)

Here's the cover art: @joshmillard did the etching & photo -- I cropped it, tinkered with the color a bit & added the type. Decided to call it done before I could second-guess it.

Carbon 7 album up on Bandcamp! Cortex aka @joshmillard of MetaFilter provided the laser etching & cover art photography.

(finally) very happy with this mix.

Good morning, Tootiverse. My brain thinks it’s time to go to work, typical Saturday- I’ve worked so many lately, but I am going to lounge here and do fuck-all for the next 2 or 3 hours.

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Dangit, what's the name of the website that has the alternative Mastodon theme? I'm striking out with the goggles.

A thought. The song cycle of Skylarking is half a year. It starts with the summer solstice & ends with the winter solstice. It’s not a complete lifecycle because there’s no childhood. Partridge filled in that gap many years later with Apple Venus.

You know what? Heart Of The Sunrise requires physical conditioning, like a sport. Yeah, I’m out of shape - too much work & not enough practice.

I have opinions about music. They’re based on 54 years of intense scrutiny of the art form. Ask me anything.


New Carbon 7 album is available for download here:

Also, please note the donate button. A few easy mouse clicks & your money vanishes without any muss or fuss. Thank you in advance!