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Chris Vreeland

I still love my Nikon Coolscan V, even though the Nikon software was abandoned 10 years ago as PPC only. VueScan recognizes the scanner attached to my Intel tower, but I can’t get the results out of their software that I can with Nikon’s. I thought I had an aha! moment last night until I did a side-by-side comparison, & VueScan wipes the highlight detail. Also, it’s controls are confusing/contradictory/redundant. Do not like. Hope my trusty PowerBook 1.67 chugs on forever...

Scanning & retouching b&w negatives takes for EVER & so does sending off your E6 out of state to be developed. Vacation: 4 days. Processing pics from same: 3 weeks!

Feliz Cinco de Gringo, mis amigos.

*follows the man page exactly, using the main advertised feature*

"use $0 or $* for the full line"

- $0 gets replaced by the parent script path
- $* is "no longer supported"

stackoverflow says it's actually $_


I told Mr Idiot that I just wanted to see it splatter but he was completely convinced there was some sort of subconscious message behind it all, like the spud represented blah blah blah whatever. He thought I might need therapy. I got detention, cleaning erasers and what not.

@Devils_Rancher Fact. Proud of the fact. Never been too proud of the face. Thanks, autocorrect.

Ok, I’m not a tech pro like a lot of y’all, but I’m pretty proud of the face that I 1. Knew my home IP address & 2. Managed to SSD into my desktop from 300 miles away, copy a file to my Dropbox & open it on my laptop in Ft. Davis.

There will be other weekends and I'm also on a summer long job/abode hunt. Might move to the Austin area.

I remember one day in high school I was walking along in the halls, having a good day, and started busting out Good Day Sunshine. You walked up beside me and fell into perfect harmony. Everyone looked at us like we were total fools. I rather enjoyed it.

So my Yes tribute band... we haven’t gigged in 7 months, & haven’t practiced much either. We need a good demo, so we’re starting with Starship Trooper. We didn’t manage to get a good take last week, but I played it straight through 4 times last night & am getting ready to sit down with it again tonight for tomorrow’s recording attempt. I want it to be unconscious.

Flickr has developed a massive porn spam bot problem. I know they’re in transition, but people still work there, right? Not a happy customer right now.

I dug through my hard drive last weekend & realized I’d never publicly posted most of my photos form our trip ni Hoya de las Guaguas, in SLP, Mexico from 1995. Here’s the best of the bunch: Oscar rappelling the 666 foot entrance drop:

The rest of them are in this album on Flickr:

So, since Tootle is pretty obviously abandonware, what iOS client do you all suggest? I mainly surf & post on my iPad.

I want to become the Johnny Appleseed of the bigtooth maple. They’re wonderful trees native to Texas that are very hardy & disease/pest resistant. Here’s mine last fall, this spring (it’s 4 this year)& a new one I bought for a friend.

Fork off seems like a pretty impolite thing to say to someone, considering the subtext. Also, this thing is too small & decentralized already for it to splinter successfully.

Anyway, how the hell is everybody? I’m crazy busy with too many rehearsals & this goddam 50-60 hour a week job. Trying to figure out how to simplify my life, and am too tired to think, so I’m stuck on this hamster cage for the time being.

@Devils_Rancher Also, now that I think about it, I mute an awful lot of hashtags on twitter because they’re so much commercial noise over there. Lots of apps auto-post to twitter with their hashtag whenever you use the app (untappd for instance) & man, they clutter up the place. Searchability is good, gamification by commercial entities is bad & I hope that continues to be zealously guarded against here.

I’ve been away for a couple weeks, so I’m catching up on the trending hashtag thing in a most rudimentary way this morning - I honestly don’t have a valid opinion except that I’d probably turn it off if there was a switch. I use Tweetbot for twitter because it doesn’t shove stuff in my timeline that’s not chronological posts from people I follow.

Aside: I think one of these would balance out the NASA sticker on my MacBook:

So, managing to get 20 whole pictures from 1995 up on Flickr today felt like an accomplishment until I started thinking about the other 10-15,000 photos I need to tag, name, organize, color correct and sort... I mean, I’m glad I finally started using Lightroom a couple of years ago, but this is daunting. I still have slides & negs to scan all over the house, too.