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Sold 2 more Carbon 7 albums on Bandcamp last night. It’s always such a pleasant surprise to get those emails. I’m about making enough on Bandcamp to pay for hosting I need to bring Dennis & Ron some tacos as their “points” the next time we get together.

I say this as a cis dude. Using another person's proper pronouns costs us _nothing_. It's just common courtesy.

Refusing to do so just makes you an asshole. The math isn't complicated on this one.

Little Bigtooth will be entering its 5th spring here at the ranch next March. It only grows about 6-8 inches a year. Bigtooth maples are native to Texas and very hardy - drought & disease resistant & happy in rocky soil. More people should plant them

We would prefer that you listen to the LIVE stream of course!!! 😝💦

Mastodon is NOT a retreat from twitter. Mastodon is an advance, a united front, AGAINST twitter. :birdsite:

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Oh hey, there’s 3.5 hours of new Carbon 7 music up on our site as of Sunday night. I’m really happy with the these mixes & I’m still in awe of the fact that I’m in a band with these 2 wizards:

What if clams really just aren’t all that happy?

This damn Jeff Buckley album has its hooks in me again - been stuck on it for a couple of days, now. This happens a couple times a year. I’ve never has an album affect me emotionally like this one.

Plus, figuring out how to do this without letting my current employer know I’m looking is going to be delicate. I really want to have something lined up so I can just give notice & go, seamlessly. I really don’t want him negotiating with me to stay.

Looking for a new job because the one I have stresses me out, but now that I’m down to printing resumes & hoping to set up interviews, I’m encountering a while new type of anxiety. Unemployment in Austin is 2.5% - EVERYONE is hiring, but I’m letting the doubt creep in.

Ugh, foggy slow, anxious morning because I got in bed at 10 but laid here awake until 12:30 when I realized I’d forgotten my meds which I should have taken 9-ish. Things to do today & bluh.

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In a fit of "inspiration," I slapped togehter some cover art so I could upload this 2013 Carbon 7 album to bandcamp:

Somewhat mellow & coherent, this is one of my 2 or 3 faves all the way through.

Logic updated to 10.4.2 which is what I was really after, & it's working. I had updated the Macbook & when I record on it remotely, sessions were not happy in the older version on my tower. Now off to run the Adobe CC updates...

It is dicey! I get a bright red log-in screen that's a tad worrisome, & a security update just failed & I had to use the patcher tool again & force-rebuild the caches to get out of a blank grey screen. Ugh. Working for the moment - no more security updates, I guess...

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