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Chris Vreeland

So, managing to get 20 whole pictures from 1995 up on Flickr today felt like an accomplishment until I started thinking about the other 10-15,000 photos I need to tag, name, organize, color correct and sort... I mean, I’m glad I finally started using Lightroom a couple of years ago, but this is daunting. I still have slides & negs to scan all over the house, too.

Cascadas de Tamul, Mexico, 1995. Believe it or not, there's a person in this for scale, just to the right of the river.

The rest of the album is here:

Here is a link to a song called Cloud Ships by my band Carbon 7.

I hope everyone is having a mellow or exciting evening as is your wont.

Good morning, earthlings. Beginning my 2nd TWO DAY weekend in row, & I feel almost human, almost hopeful that live could be “normal” whatever that means. Going to breakfast with an old internet friend from the Mac News Network days — 2002-2004 or so. The Lounge there was my online home for a few years & I still have real friends from there. The internet is weird, no? Ok, coffee.

The rest of that roll of Provia (that was worth looking at) is here:

Kinda happy to hear Fickr got acquired by SmugMug -- it might turn out to be a good thing.

"Found" (buried in Lightroom) a roll of film from 2012 that I'd never put on line. Here's the view from the McDonald observatory looking east, towards Fort Davis, Texas.

Jesus, what a week. 58 hours on the clock, 2 band rehearsals & four hours last night working on new songs with the headphones on, & now I’m feeling guilty because all I’ve done all day is balance the checkbook, pay bills, walk the dog & grocery shop. When is it ok to be done?

So I’ve picked up a gig in June, playing... Disco hits of the 70’s? It’s weird, trying to get a groove going to songs I viscerally hated when I was a teenage freak, but there’s some good stuff in here, too. Superstition, Right Place Wrong Time, & Saturday in the Park by Chicago, which has a surprisingly adventurous progression & arrangement. I’ve had the set list since Sunday at 1 pm & the first rehearsal is tomorrow. I know half the set. Yikes!

So I spent about 3 hours this afternoon making a somewhat amateurish but fun band poster:

So here’s a song by the one band I’m in that actually has a gig - everyone got to contribute parts, so the writing was a group effort:

I am having the hardest time not turning my tax return into musical gear right now, despite being almost utterly dormant. (1 band has 1 gig in May!) I really want a year’s salary in savings more than anything right now, but it looks like it’s gonna take 5 more years for that to happen & I’m an impatient consumerist.

Austin: from sleepy little college town to “Kabul on the Colorado.” I work across the street from a fedex hub and we have 30-50 boxes delivered by them or UPS every day. I’m getting an uncomfortable feeling.

Bomb found at FedEx near airport linked to Austin explosions, authorities confirm

One from my string of "A photo a day" pics before I fell off...

Full moon through clouds 3-1-18

Trying to turn my mind back towards photography- I have a backlog.

Enchanted Rock Nov 2013

I’m rolling down the hill to the hospital in a couple hours, my step daughter is having a baby via C-section at 9:30. Hugely excited about the kid, somewhat whelmed about the notion of being old enough to be a grandfather.

I made a screen printing blog post for the first time in nearly a year!

Jesus walked on water. Jesus turned water to wine. Lord, let the whole damn sea be wine.