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Stuck in the middle of a life-enforced social media break. There’s just too much going on. Brain is full to the point of overload & my wit has taken a leave of absence as well. Hope all you lovely people are trucking along ok. I’ll be around IRL, finishing this album/book/photo collection/t-shirt design/gig/rehearsal/dark room/day job.

This book on St. Augustine is an interminable thing, and I feel like I'm learning (not that it's a bad thing) more about the roman empire in N. Africa than I am about St. Augusine himself, so far. I'm almost halfway done & keep dozing off. I started it on vacation in JUNE.

Now I have 1 roll of color, that suffered from a light leak, & about 300 digital shots to process & sort through. It's not even October!

Finally got done processing my black & white film shots of the Davis Mountains from last June:

More here:

I think I have an RSI in my left index finger from tabbing through spreadsheets.

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i usually see that word used to mean either "a short-tempered animal" or in an objectifying, leering, but approving way by men toward women

TIL its etymology:

"a small dog, specifically one that smells of farts"

not that it was much of a compliment before, but it's definitely not now

@Gargron Security level "Visible to followers" is illogical. I don't want to lock account and vet followers. However, sometimes I want to post something that is not supposed to be broadcast to the world.

There should be a security level "Visible to those whom I follow" or even "Visible to mutuals".

Could this be done, or should we avoid posting sensitive stuff at all without locking account first?

#mastodon #suggestion

anyone else notice gamers stopped calling women feminazis once they realized how much they liked hitler

Don’t want to jinx it, but the kiddo thinks she’s up for a promotion to lead test engineer of human interface systems on LM-2 when they ramp up the electrical install on it. I literally cried for joy at my desk for about 5 minutes when she told me. How is this even my kid? I asked her how she got it & she said “I asked for it.” GO GIRL!

I could do without the giant watermark, but man I love me some Howlin’ Wolf.

Fun fact: you can switch your default search engine from Google to DuckDuckGo and there's no downside

I didn’t set it up with a black plate because we’re doing black shirts this year. Came out pretty well.

You know you’ve got your CMY balanced pretty well when there’s no black ink in the print & you get this;

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