Between fallen leaves
The path bends but does not break
Without roots I stand

The air clasps my heart
Yet remains outside my grasp
Birds pass without trace

Two paths through bare trees
Gusts tug me back and forth while
Mouse and deer roam free

Surging tides draw back
The stone remains the same shape
But lies on new ground

Sparkles blazing forth
Wreathing my soul with wonder
Headlights on puddles

Frost on a petal
What brings glories to our sight
Is lost to our touch

A single glass ball
Rolls away from a torn bag
Sunlight in the storm

Right or left handed
The tea still goes to our mouth
Or is thrown away

Sun on scorched fields
Two children sitting in dust
Watch a lizard dance

Ice on a mountain
Two men lie dead at the foot
But one does not dream

Breath writes across the hall
A verse for the water's drums
How hot is that shower?

A white bell on a green door
If the basics are ignored
Can I trust details

One cloud in the sky
The chill slips through my fingers
Biting without teeth

A hawk takes a mouse
A cat goes hungry today
Why is there no cake?

Shadows eat the day
Mirroring my journey's start
I can taste the glaze

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