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One of my friends commented earlier that reaching out when one needs help is complicated by feeling that others have too many problems of their own.

So, I've decided to leverage my situation.

I'm doing well. Do any of you need to talk?

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Pondering gaps in .

If you wanted an entertaining read about a future that differed from this world in one aspect, what are you having difficulty finding?

A different attitude to race? A new default on gender/sex? A specific political structure?

Not saying I'll know how to write it well, but I'd like to push my boundaries in a way that produces greater social good if I can.

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"[I'm] trying to pull off a track that’ll result in everyone getting exactly the kind of world they want.

"Everyone including the enemy."

"Wait! I know you. I know your true name. Your witchcraft holds no pow--"

"Maybe not, but you will still your tongue lest I rip it out and let my cats fight over it."

"You would murder a guest? Now we see you true colors."

"Cram it, Kim. You're content to sit there in silence sipping my wine while Wheatley deadnames my partner in her own home? Is this how you honor your hosts?"

"But you're villains!"

"And what the hell are you?"

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An interesting collection of Women in STEM posters, should one wish to adorn something with pictures of role models:

Huntress by Stephanie Flint

“Mixing the most superficial of events, a beauty contest, with the enduring question of when means justify ends and a young protagonist, Flint creates a cyberpunk tale that will appeal to both fans of techno-thrillers and young adult dystopias.”

More thoughts:

Tip for those living in areas prone to power loss.

Keep big jugs of water in your freezer, if you have freezer space. if/when power goes out, use the fridge/freezer as little as possible, and transfer frozen water jugs to the fridge. This should help keep the temperature low enough to delay spoilage of food.

Roses aren't all red
Love respects autonomy
Isn't it just being alone
If I force you to mirror me?

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"I have looked forward to seeing Humanity's Day of Love," the alien ambassador said.
"Day of... Oh! Valentine's?" its human aide said. "Only a few of our cultures celebrate that."
"And many consider it crass, or are disinterested in romance, or-"
"But I got you chocolate!"
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blood is red
a rose is a plant
there's no way to know
if you're a replicant

sent to @uxio earlier today but I figured you might like it too

Something to which to shout and revel and enjoy oneself.

Gunship (ft. Corin Hardy)) “Cthulhu”:

"Has your android been asking too many questions? Careful! It could be the sign of rogue behavior!"

(Cut to noir music; a woman's scream; A ceramic vase shattering; police sirens at night)

(A police detective approaches the camera.)

"I'm Trevor McCain, professional Rogue Hunter. I'm here to give an important message:

ONLY YOU can prevent rogue incidents!"

(Sales music start)

"The ANDROID MANAGEMENT @ HOME videos will teach you all you need to know..."

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Cold hardens an egg
Stillness mirrors boiling wrath
The skull is fragile

The ‘Fears of a Clown’ submission window is now open.

I’m looking for short stories for a forthcoming anthology. Scary, thrilling, unnerving, or weird stories featuring clowns; but ones where the clown isn’t the thing that’s scary, where there’s something worse.

Full details here:

Hey fediverse.
No matter who you are, be kind to yourselves.

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