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One of my friends commented earlier that reaching out when one needs help is complicated by feeling that others have too many problems of their own.

So, I've decided to leverage my situation.

I'm doing well. Do any of you need to talk?

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Pondering gaps in .

If you wanted an entertaining read about a future that differed from this world in one aspect, what are you having difficulty finding?

A different attitude to race? A new default on gender/sex? A specific political structure?

Not saying I'll know how to write it well, but I'd like to push my boundaries in a way that produces greater social good if I can.

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"[I'm] trying to pull off a track that’ll result in everyone getting exactly the kind of world they want.

"Everyone including the enemy."

Draugr by Arthur Slade

“Slade balances a portrayal of modern—if rural—Canada with ancient Scandinavian folklore, creating a tale that will engage both young adults seeking an accessible chill and fans of sagas.”

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There seems to be some confusion over whether it is too early for decorations.

Decorations for Halloween should not be put up more than two years in advance because it allows the Sun, our traditional enemy, to fade them. I hope this clarifies matters.

A Seat at the Picnic

You, who I carried, now carry me
Rickety, temporary
But standing when I do not

I, who you carried, now carry you again
Juggling, pausing
But advancing when you cannot


The synergy of a prompt about camp chairs and a child's joke about legs

Grim Harvest by Patrick C. Greene

“Greene mixes strongly connected characters with tropes from multiple flavours of horror to create a tale of a town plagued by evil.”

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The first three books of Joe Coffin, one of my favourite modern series, are currently on offer on Amazon: Worth a glance if you're looking for something with more grit than sparkle.

My review of the first book here:

A king rests in bed
Pillow wet with loving tears
Dreams walk the white world

A Cauldron of Hot Coffee by Samantha Silver

“Silver lightly flavours cosy mysteries with magic, creating crimes that aren’t always solved by investigative skill alone but can still be solved by readers who aren’t themselves witches.”

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Texas abortion, miscarriage 

The new Texas law bans abortions after 6 weeks, but (and people are missing this) it’s really 4 weeks.

See, pregnancy actually starts on the first day of a last mensural period. Conception doesn’t happen until 2+ weeks later. Bam, 4 week ban.

You are basically pregnant until you aren’t.

If you drink, have stress, take medicine, eat ‘bad’ food, or do anything ‘risky’, you must be self inducing an abortion because you aren’t pregnant.

Miscarriages become illegal.


It is time to mess with the anti abortion vigilantes in Texas, my dudes.

Call of Cthulhu: It's a book of great evil!

Me: Atlas Shrugged?

CoC: Near unreadable in its rambling, incoherent diatribe of horror!

Me: Atlas Shrugged.

CoC: Those who read it becomes monsters dedicated to the torment of humanity!

Me: Yeah, that's Atlas Shrugged.

(stolen from

Sunlight on cracked ice
Even the most broken fence
Sends forth a warning

"These copper ingots," the devil said, "are of sub-par quality."
"You accepted them as payment," the merchant said, "the deal is done."
"Very well. I will uphold my end of the bargain," the devil said. "Your name will live forever."
"That is all I ask," said Ea-nasir.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

They Mostly Come Out at Night by Benedict Patrick

“Showing the world part through direct character experience and part through dreams and tales within tales, Patrick powerfully evokes the fearful uncertainty that presses against the edges of pre-industrial civilisation.”

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