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One of my friends commented earlier that reaching out when one needs help is complicated by feeling that others have too many problems of their own.

So, I've decided to leverage my situation.

I'm doing well. Do any of you need to talk?

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Pondering gaps in .

If you wanted an entertaining read about a future that differed from this world in one aspect, what are you having difficulty finding?

A different attitude to race? A new default on gender/sex? A specific political structure?

Not saying I'll know how to write it well, but I'd like to push my boundaries in a way that produces greater social good if I can.

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"[I'm] trying to pull off a track that’ll result in everyone getting exactly the kind of world they want.

"Everyone including the enemy."

Long before this town was a town, when our port was little more than a conveniently shaped bay, there was a legend about a pirate cat named Kaladrakan, the only survivor of a grisly shipwreck - not her crew; but one she had been cat-napped by.

They say she caused the calamity - the ship she'd called her home had always sailed true.

So be kind if you see her, a cat with black patch over one eye, to avoid your own catastrophe.

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Unfit Vol. 7

“The Machine in the Ghost”

Margaret Randall

Kissing Strange Girls
Tais Teng

The Roots of Benevolence
E.E. King

Thought is Deed
Bruce Golden

A Song Before Sunset
David Grigg


Cirsova Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense, Volume 2 #7, ed. P. Alexander

“Alexander shows that stories which a focus on action over introspection needn’t be shallow or simplistic, continuing the legacy of classic science-fiction and fantasy pulps.”

More thoughts:

Looking to hunt vampires in an opera house? I have a soundtrack for you.

Dan Vasc & Violet Orlandi, “Kiss from a Rose”:

If you have a problem, use blockchain. Now you have two problems and a right-libertarian fan club.

a Diné man wrote a poem about the space race 50 years ago

the more things change, the more they stay the same

Creepy Sheen by Rebecca Gransden

“Embracing the aesthetic of Eighties US teen and sci-fi movies while also drawing on the darkness beneath the neon, Gransden creates alien perspectives that seem intimately familiar.”

More thoughts:

I’m more cul-de-sac than urban street, but this is a deep joy.

Bob Vylan, “We Live Here”:

I enjoy Cthulhu-esk #horror but #Lovecraft was a racist and I don't like using his name to describe a body of work that includes so many other authors of a shared writing universe. Calling it "the Cthulhu mythos" is a bit misleading too, as that wasn't the only entity in the setting. I do like #YogSothothery as it removes Lovecraft's name from the association even if he seemed to have coined it, and has the same issues as calling it the #Cthulhu #mythos...

What's ya'lls opinion on the terms? :fhtagn: :boost_requested:


White drifts on the ground
Flowers now bare of petals
Is this moment now?

"Have you any concerns on the sustainability of this... This."

The chancellor was at a loss as she gestured towards the walls lined with all manner of small bridges, hutches and food-shelves. She couldn't even see any cats; she was beginning to worry about the Minister's mental health.

"Shh," he whispered, jiggling a phoenix feather on a string.

She watched a while and was about to interject when she heard a soft, ethereal meow.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #Fantasy

Blood Loss by Andy Maslen

“Maslen mixes modern technology with visceral vampire action to create a gritty horror thriller that feels grounded in the classics of the genre.”

More thoughts:

The foundries are almost gone, but irony is not denied us.

Oysterband, “Another Quiet Night in England”:

Watched Blood Immortal (dir. Robert Joseph Butler) a few days ago.

Not technically flawless, but the characters are sympathetic and the overall idea that pollution might start to make humans toxic to vampires was engaging rather than preachy.

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