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One of my friends commented earlier that reaching out when one needs help is complicated by feeling that others have too many problems of their own.

So, I've decided to leverage my situation.

I'm doing well. Do any of you need to talk?

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Pondering gaps in .

If you wanted an entertaining read about a future that differed from this world in one aspect, what are you having difficulty finding?

A different attitude to race? A new default on gender/sex? A specific political structure?

Not saying I'll know how to write it well, but I'd like to push my boundaries in a way that produces greater social good if I can.

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"[I'm] trying to pull off a track that’ll result in everyone getting exactly the kind of world they want.

"Everyone including the enemy."

The Unnamed Country by Jeffrey Thomas

"Collecting stories that span science-fiction, fantasy, and realism but are connected by a shared fictional Asian country, Thomas offers both a series of character-driven individual narratives and an engaging gestalt vision of the liminal zone between beliefs and reality."

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Frost on a petal
What brings glories to our sight
Is lost to our touch

UK Politics 

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—unintentionally

Love the song but still haven't got over how they look without the iconic makeup.

Kiss, "Every Time I Look at You":

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

it’s all about that gender euphoria

Vampiress Unleashed by Thomas Green

"Blending vast magical effects with sudden reversals, Green creates a tale with gritty look of urban fantasy but epic scale."

More thoughts:

A single glass ball
Rolls away from a torn bag
Sunlight in the storm

The Friar’s Lantern by Greg Hickey

"Hickey mixes theories of mind, characterful situations, and reader choice to produce a book that is both an interesting story and a blurred mirror on the reader’s free will."

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How to Stop a Vampire War in Six Easy Steps by Matthew S. Cox

"Cox mixes the politely lethal conflict of medieval nobles or mafia dons with the unique threats and approaches of vampirism to create urban fantasy with pace and complexity. "

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Billionaires hiding literal mountains of cash in tropical tax havens: A-FUCKING-OK

Me, not buying a shitty sandwich every day during my sad 1h lunch break: "a big problem for the economy"

What the financial fuck?

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Embracing the Past

Imagine them always in summer
Thin cloth caressing smooth skin
Strawberries begging to be eaten

Imagine them always
Light pleats flicking as they turn
Sweetness bubbling on your tongue

Weightless words tumbling forth
Crumbs scattered in haste

Absence searing your mind
The stilled film melting to nothing

The thing wearing my dog's body tottered in through the backdoor on its hind legs. Warped and stretched paws carressed my husband's still-smoking shotgun.

"When you take your best friend down to the bottom of the garden to shoot him", it hissed at me, "you'd better not fucking miss."

#tootfic #microfic #shortstory #fiction #horror

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