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One of my friends commented earlier that reaching out when one needs help is complicated by feeling that others have too many problems of their own.

So, I've decided to leverage my situation.

I'm doing well. Do any of you need to talk?

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Pondering gaps in .

If you wanted an entertaining read about a future that differed from this world in one aspect, what are you having difficulty finding?

A different attitude to race? A new default on gender/sex? A specific political structure?

Not saying I'll know how to write it well, but I'd like to push my boundaries in a way that produces greater social good if I can.

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"[I'm] trying to pull off a track that’ll result in everyone getting exactly the kind of world they want.

"Everyone including the enemy."

Interesting cover of a classic, for all those times you want your butterfly crawl to have some hip sway.

Nouvelle Vague, “Marian”:

cyberpunk idea: dreamers 

Some people ask me why I have an altar to . Perhaps this will clarify things so I don't keep having to stop the ritual to answer questions:


Cat's feet
Owl's wings
An empty stage
The unplayed song

(Poetry Port Day 23)

the Light by Jim Alexander

"Alexander portrays a world fundamentally different from our own yet also almost identical, creating an exciting and immersive tale that also casts a light on humanity’s relationship with death."

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Into myriad
Images of agony
Captures only the outside
Of spiritual

Deceived by Stephanie Flint

“Flint draws upon the combination of rebellion and naivety in the normal teenage mind to create a science-fiction conspiracy that provides emotional complexity without requiring Byzantine convolutions.”

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"I understand how the Tooth-Fairy works," my child announced.

"Good to hear."

They continued, "But how does the Bone-Fairy work?"

I paused my game to focus on my imaginative spawn, "The Bone-Fairy?"

They stared at me expectantly, so I did my best.

"They, um, only come after you're ...old and... gone. You won't have to worry about the Bone-Fairy for a long, long time. Why do you ask?"

They pointed at the window, but I saw nothing.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Rather enjoying the cosmic dread in The Call of the Void podcast:

I’m three episodes in and so far it has a similar vibe to Julian Simpson’s adaptations of The Case of Charles Dexter Ward and “The Whisperer in Darkness” for the BBC but without overt Lovecraft references.

"Why are we here?"

"The Gods need playthings to amuse themselves," the wizard responded moodily.

The Ranger looked about the dark ruins, then back at the wizard, "This doesn't seem very entertaining."

"Entertainment is in the eye of those who are not affected by the chaos they created."

"...But seriously," the druid piped up from behind a pillar, "Why are we here?"

The wizard unrolled an ancient scroll.

"I'm done being entertainment."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

My Dad is a Mad Scientist by Matthew S. Cox

“Cox demonstrates that accessible prose and cinematic action don’t have to come at the cost of emotional depth, creating superhero fiction that will appeal to readers of all ages and power levels.”

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The Source of Your Problems According to Your Zodiac Sign 

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