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Facebook pour former des chômeurs à protéger leur données personnelles en ligne...

S'en suivront des cours de diététique par MacDonald et d'agriculture bio par Monsento

L'éducation #EnMarche

My secret dream is to have a platform for ebooks. Adobe DRM and the awful experience it creates for users are the main reasons I've stopped reading ebooks.

RT THIS IS IT!! Riot/Web is OUT OF BETA!!! Brand new design, new login, new settings, new room list, encryption key backup & emoji-powered device verification 🍌🐧🔑🤖🙂🚂🙂 check it out now at and read all the glorious details at


We're back from #FOSDEM & our slides and videos are up already(!) at Find all about the long-awaited stable release of the Server/Server API; the Matrix 1.0 timeline; the E2E encryption endgame; ultra-low-bandwidth Matrix; Riot Redesign & so much more :D

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