Question for users: I'm attempting to use Krita for pixel art and I was wondering if there was any way to show a scaled down version of the file I'm editing somewhere in the window as I work?


true that it might be annoying.
If it doesn't (i don't know, because i don't use krita) you can try GraphicsGale: dedicated to pixel art and entirely free now.

Doesn't it work with linux?
i thought it did.
Well...apologies for wasting your time 😉

No worries, it's not like I spent hours figuring that out lmao. The only way it could work on Linux/macOS is to run it in WINE, but that's not something I like to do tbh

@jordyd @CountZero

Hi, Pixel art multiview setup in #krita :

1. Activate Subwindows mode in the settings instead of tabs (in General Windows). Then restart Krita.
2. In Windows > New view > (your file) , open as many new view, and do Windows > Tile.

Example with three viewport of same document at various zoom level :

@davidrevoy @jordyd
I have no excuse to download krita now, have i?😉

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