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#DailySketchChallenge day 19: EMERGENCY

"Riiiiing.... Riiiiing...."
"Damn, I SAID I would call him back."

#Krita #MastoArt #Art

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In an EMERGENCY, I am glad that I can fall back on pieces of clipart I've done so that I can cobble together a sketch when time is short.

Our lives are always going to be busy. Art (of any level) is, for most of us, something we fit in.

Like a hungry lawyer, we chase after our opportunities to be creative.

Once again, late.
All my apologies for that, but these last days, i live in a state of perpetual EMERGENGY.


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#DailySketchChallenge #WordSketch #smallstories


On this day, 48 years ago, Jimi Hendrix - leader of the Jimi Hendrix Experience - passed away at the age of 27.

I’d seen him play live less than 3 weeks previously, and I still remember his playing the intro to Watchtower two semitones too low.

I owed him so much, yet I’d thought him overrated. Ha! Who am I, a third rate guitarist, to talk? I’d judged him on a small detail and missed his towering artistry.

And I still miss him.

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#DailySketchChallenge day 18: EXPERIENCE

Experience is that which allows you to recognize a screw-up every time you've just done it again.

#Krita #MastoArt #Art

A failed drawing EXPERIENCE trying to tell how i "improved" through the . I need more EXPERIENCE drawing hands.

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It has been my regrettable EXPERIENCE that I need to pull out all the beggar's ticks plants from the back yard before they finish flowering because once the seeds mature, the seeds get matted into the dogs' fur and take hours to pick out.



My back is sore, my hands all scratched, i cursed the whole world, but at least i gained some EXPERIENCE.
And so will you if you follow that topic ;)

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#DailySketchChallenge #smallstories


“How did your Skeptics Society talk go, dear?”

“Very well. And I have six additions to our mailing list.”

“I’ll bet you were possessed by the ghost of Albert Camus.”

“If only I had his charisma.”

“Oh you do, darling. I love it when people don’t protect against what they don’t believe in. Now give me the mailing list and I’ll go. And do wait up for me. I shall be thirsty later.” And she smiled her lewdest smile, turned, and walked through the wall.

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I'm seeing so many people preparing for inktober, making sketches, binding sketchbooks, discussing promt lists and getting ready to INK BIG.
But, I also hear many people being intimidated by that, being worried they won't come up with stuff for the promts and dropped out last years bc of that.
So please, remember: The core concept is, that you build an inking routine. To make it LESS intimidating.
So even if you go through inktober inking a stick figure each day -
You've done a great job! ♥️

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I call him "GOOGOGL"
He sucks your creativeness and substitutes with useless repetitive generic information. ;D

Started this drawing in the train and boosted it digitally with #krita

#mastoart #art #critiquerequested

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As today's WotD is "croquis" I'll exploit #DailySketchChallenge GHOST in a sketchy way.

Some words in every language go out of favor and become effective "ghosts" of themselves.

Perhaps in the US that will be difficult for this word because of the annual fun of Halloween which comes up at the end of next month.

Sorry for being so late today.
So no small talk; today's topic is GHOST.


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:krita: @Krita is a professional FREE & open source painting program. It is made by artists that want to see affordable #art tools for everyone. :bowie_stardust:

:krita: @Krita is kicking off their 2018 Fundrasising campaign - Let's Squash The bugs!
$uppport here:

How to follow them on the :fediverse: #Fediverse:
:mastodon: @Krita :krita:
:peertube: @kritafoundation

🎥 🍿 🎨 Watch their :krita: 2018 fundraiser video:

Current situation: DISASTER.
Yes, i've been obsessed with f*#"&ing DIY these last two days. Hopefully it will be over tomorrow.

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