As i'm not an artist, i don't have a style. So i went for a kawaiish pixel art "style" to absolutely ruin @Lyrilith 's magnificent character.

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Day 2: a song you like with a number in the title.
Pretty sure i cited a Pantera song last time, so have that one:

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Vous vous ennuyez ? Vous savez lire à haute-voix et disposez d'un micro ?

Vous pouvez enregistrer des livres audios à partir d'oeuvres libres de droits pour les diffuser gratuitement, et ainsi permettre aux gens qui ne peuvent pas lire de profiter de littérature !

Il y a un super guide sur ce site qui vous explique comment faire :

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I love doing "draw this in your style" pieces and haven't really seen any on Mastodon yet. How about this piece? I initially drew her in a small sketch book but also like the rough design I gave her. So I offer you this piece to draw! I'll also be redrawing her in the near future. :)
Feel free to @ me when you post it so I can see what you've created. ^^

#drawthisinyourstyle #dtiys #drawthisinyourstylechallenge #mastoart

Well...did it last year or so, but as @kingu_platypus_gidora is doing it, i'll do it again:
Day 1: a song you like with a color in the title.
Purple Haze. The Jimi Hendrix Experience

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Since I have way too much free time, I will do this starting today.

Posts starting with DAY 1.2.3. will refer to this thing below that I will pin on my profile.

Do it too.

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Ayé le nouvel article est sorti !! :akko_guns:

Profitez de ce confinement pour suivre un tuto sur un sujet qu'il est toujours bon de savoir maîtriser !

#vonzone #blog

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One hour to do a portrait, including finding a reference and getting your materials! Jeez this was a low key stressful task for #ArtSchool :I
Those of you who have been around for a while might recognize this dude, he's from my Pinterest Board of interesting Portraits, and may or may not have come up in the #30FacesChallenge or other previous studies of me~
#Art #Mastoart #Coal

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shameless self promotion (RedBubble) 

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#ArtSchool continues for me in Home Office form, this little task was quite the throwback to my old school :) We had 1 hour to complete it.
#Art #Mastoart #pencil

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Vs êtes soignant(e) à #Bordeaux ou l’1 de vos connaissances est soignant(e) et vs avez besoin de visières de protection anti-projections

Contactez moi en MP

Je peu en fabriquer 18à20/jours sur demande avec mes réserves de PLA et de Rodoïde

RT apprécié

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Finally picked up the list of anime characters I liked back in the day and still do. First up is Ryoko from "Tenchi Muyo!". I based my first online nickname on her. :D

#art #mastoart #watercolor #anime #tenchimuyo #ryoko #demon

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Another #animation test - I guess this one will stay as it is, spent various days on it. Made it with #opentoonz great @opensource application - super glitchy and buggy though :(
#art #mastoart #anime

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Anyone have links to mutual aid networks who can drop off groceries to like 40 quarantined students in #Chatham?

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Quick, temporary #FreeRadical policy update:

Effective immediately, medical advice regarding #COVID19 not sourced from legitimate scientific or medical outlets is forbidden content. If you see someone advocating essential oils or colloidal silver or other junk quackery, please report it.

This is not a free speech zone. Misinformation that makes people dead is not “oh well we all have opinions”.

Other #admins, I beg that you please consider a similar policy.

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