Hey people!
I have made a small (60×60) Stan Lee emoji.
If interested, feel free to use.

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#DailySketchChallenge day 14 - FORGET

"She was chasing after the memory of a shape which would forever elude her."

#Sketch, #LineArt and #Coloring done in #OpenSource #Krita.

#MastoArt #Art

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drew this frog for school. based off frog picture on the right

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Here is a scan of the original pencil #sketch showing how most details were emoved in the #DailySketchChallenge rendition #MastoArt #Art

Sorry for being so late, but you know me now: 2 things on my mind, and everything else is forgotten.
So today's topic will be FORGET.


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#DailySketchChallenge day 13 - SHADOW

This illustration for a RPG scenario started as a usual #sketch, even did a #lineart of it, then I finally got rid of the details and kept only big shadows.

#MastoArt #Art

(day 74)
I know, i suck at drawing cats. I also suck at dogs, birds, bears, crocodiles, insects....and animals in general and in particular ;)

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#DailySketchChallenge day 12 - HORROR

We are around you. We are on your skin. We are inside you."

Done in #Artflow, some finishing in #Krita.

#MastoArt #Art

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Eye contact and arguably bad taste Show more

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Mastodon, can we play a game?

You describe an animal badly, and I draw exactly what you described.

(Do not tell me what the animal is. I will not try to guess. Please tell me AFTER I finish the drawing.)

Attached is a blue whale as my 6yo son described it. Want more? Reply with a description of your own!

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(day 70)
In my opinion, collectors have a kind of obsessive mind.

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