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the secret to strong ai is you gotta make a computer that can get depression

wait until i attach a rpi zero with a monitor shield on top of my current setup. wait is that a good idea

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hello i am one of those modern individual workers with a business to their name so they can legally get paid literal peanuts what do

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more trans privilege: how do you rename a business

you may also like: when your bureaucracy is so bad that it officially recommends you to pay someone so they can do whatever you need for you

since not having mastodon open appears to be impossible i will have to procure myself a third monitor.

i should put "untidy and unprofessional" in some readme someday

shitpost with a lewd bit 

running orange juice was a nice shitpost but now i want running vanilla coke and running cum too

see the little pointy thing on the olive? that's where the liquid pit is injected. it's usually a thick resin that solidifies quickly inside the fruit and give it the characteristic "inflated ball" shape and nearly doubles its size. a very interesting industry

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dream, morbid 

lmao a few days ago i had a tiny dream where i was dead, but it was nice. like. i was just deeply enjoying a cold scene where i was stabbed on a stone altar with a nice silver dagger. i remember liking the moonlight reflected on the blood. that fucking thing actually put me in a good mood

actually!! i have researched the matter and learned that olive pits were traditionally added to keep the fruits firm and round, which is important for conservation and transportation. fascinating

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how could i not buy this. now i have not one but two white t-shirts. amazing (today on )

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@CobaltVelvet why would they replace the pimientos and cheese that naturally occur? it's a scam.

ugh pitted olives. why do people go to the trouble of putting pits in olives before selling them that you need to take out afterwards. unbelievable. another fake job created by capitalism

:ms_weed: shitpost 

smoking another bowl so i can deal with boomers

am i a

i am currently making sounds by displaying various things on my monitor and somehow receiving a lvds signal on my sdr at 148MHz that is then demodulated as audio

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